'One Piece' Chapter 965 Reveals Oden's Position In Whitebeard Pirates & Orochi's Evil Plan Against Kozuki Clan

JB Baruelo

After going on a one-week hiatus, One Piece manga is finally back in action. The latest chapter of One Piece, which is titled "The Kurozumi Plot," featured several interesting scenes, including the continuation of the flash of Kozuki Oden's journey with the Whitebeard Pirates and Kurozumi Orochi's plan to take revenge against Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki and his family.

One Piece Chapter 965 started with the conversation between Oden and Lady Kozuki Toki. While holding the map of the world, Oden told Lady Toki how small the Land of Wano is. Lady Toki revealed that she and her parents considered the Land of Wano as their hometown. However, she admitted that she was not aware where specifically in the Land of Wano she was born.

In the years they spent aboard the Moby Dick, some members of the Whitebeard Pirates, including Marco the Phoenix and Diamond Jozu, noticed the closeness between the two. The two ended up being couples and had two children named Kozuki Momonosuke and Kozuki Hiyori.

One Piece Chapter 965 also featured the Whitebeard Pirates avoiding a fight with the World Government. Oden was surprised that the former group chose to run away instead of taking down their enemies. Whitebeard told Oden that even if they succeeded to defeat them, more powerful people would come to chase them.

As they continued with their journey, the Whitebeard Pirates grew in number. This made their captain decide to split his crew into five divisions and appoint five commanders. Whitebeard named Oden as the commander of the second division of their pirate group. Though he didn't want it, Oden was left with no choice but to follow Whitebeard's orders and accept the position.

One Piece Chapter 965 also featured Orochi's evil plan against Shogun Sukiyaki and the Kozuki Family. When he was a child, Orochi met an old lady that possessed the power of Mane Mane no Mi. The old lady told him what happened to his grandfather and since then, they teamed up to take down the Kozuki family. From being a servant of Lord Shimotsuki Yasuie, Orochi tried to become close to Oden and gather as much money as he could.

With the help of the old lady's devil fruit power, Orochi managed to convince Shogun Sukiyaki to accept him in his castle. When he fell ill, Orochi was appointed as the temporary leader of the Land of Wano until Oden returned from his journey. However, the daimyos of the Land of Wano were not aware that Orochi planned everything -- including the death of Shogun Sukiyaki -- to avenge the Kurozumi Family.