Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Shows Off Her Perfect Abs In New Instagram Snap

Anita Herbert clicks a selfie
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian model Anita Herbert recently took to her Instagram page and wowed her 2.1 million fans with a very hot picture, one wherein she showed off her perfect physique.

In this particular picture, the hottie could be seen rocking a printed sports bra that allowed her to flaunt a glimpse of her enviable cleavage. She teamed the sports bra with a pair of printed gym shorts that she slightly pulled down, showing off her incredible abs and small waist.

Furthermore, the skimpy ensemble also enabled Anita to put her toned arms and sculpted legs on full display.

The Budapest native wore a full face of makeup, an application featuring nude-pink lipstick, defined eyebrows, false lashes, and lots of mascara. The rest of her face could not be seen because she bowed her head to strike a pose.

Anita wore her raven-colored tresses down and held them together with her hand. To pose for the pic, she stood in a nondescript room, though she did not use a geotag with her post, thus leaving the location of the snap unknown.

The fitness model — who runs the fitness program Fit Queen — wrote a long caption in which she informed her fans that performing strenuous cardio exercises after eating a calorie-rich meal will never be helpful.

“We often think that cardio is going to magically burn 1,000+ calories after pigging out on a Friday night. But unfortunately, that is NOT the case,” she advised, adding that one can never burn all the extra calories in one session.

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????Cardio is NOT the answer… . I used to think that I could stuff my face with all the yummies???? ???? ???? … and then just do cardio ????‍♀ for an hour or 2 . and everything would be OOOKAY!???? . Man i was so wrong . The only thing it did was set me back & put me in a dark place mentally???????? . We often think that cardio is going to magically burn ????1,000 + calories after pigging ???? out on a Friday night… . But unfortunately that is NOT the case ????????‍♀…. . You aren’t going to burn all those calories in one cardio session… . What’s going to happen is that you’ll start using CARDIO as PUNISHMENT for overeating???? that’s NO BUENO???????? . every time you enjoy a little bit of extra food or just food in general you’ll start to build a bad relationship with food and exercise which will set you back in the long run . Why? Because now you HATE working out, and who is going to be able to sustain doing something they don’t like? . NO ONE ???? . Working out may not always be fun, BUT you should always think of it as a good thing. something amazing that your body CAN do???? . NOT as punishment for the food you ate☹️ . In order to make this a lifestyle you need to start viewing exercise as a healthy habit… not something you have to do to reverse your bad eating habits . Once you make that switch ????your overall performance at the gym and progress will CHANGE ???? (Trust me on this girls) . If you had a little too much to eat (that’s okay, shit happens we are all humans????) the best thing to do is move on and get back on track with your regular routine . No punishment ❌ Forgive yourself & learn ✅ . Remember 1 day is just 1 day, there are 364 ???? days left to make things right! . Every day & every meal is a NEW OPPORTUNITY ???????? . If you don’t know where to start click the link in my bio and join my @fitqueen_army ????‍♀️???? . #fitqueenmeals #fitqueenchallenge #teamanitaherbert . How do you deal with over eating ? Do you punish yourself or move on? ????????

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The model also wrote that people should not use cardio as a form of punishment for indulging in delicious food because the practice will eventually make them hate working out, which will be counterproductive for the body.

Likewise, she motivated her followers by telling them that if they end up overeating, they should forgive themselves and get back on track with their regular routines.

Within a day of posting, the picture racked up more than 43,000 likes and over 680 comments. Fans praised Anita for her amazing body, and thanked her for sharing the tip with them.

“Wow! Love what you just said. I used to “punish” myself, but my nutritionist REALLY drilled it in my head and said, ‘oh well, get back on track.’ Now I enjoy a healthy lifestyle for real,” one of her fans shared.

“You look amazing! #bodygoals,” another follower wrote.

“Your body is pure perfection. And I love it,” a third admirer commented.

The picture was also liked by many of Anita’s fellow models and Instagram influencers. These included Anais Zanotti and Ivana Avitabile, among others.