'Shameless' Alum Sammi Hanratty Gets Wet In Sizzling Instagram Selfie

The self-proclaimed "girl you hated" from the Showtime hit series Shameless, Sammi Hanratty, soaked up the attention of her 296,000 Instagram followers when she shared a sultry, dripping wet snapshot of herself rocking a cute bathing suit.

The gorgeous 24-year-old actress is no novice in front of the camera and certainly didn't give off a hint of being shy or timid in the selfie. The shot appeared to have been taken at night, with the flash brightening her face that was close to the camera.

Snapped from the shoulders up, Sammi wore a halter style blue bathing suit that showed off her lean shoulders and bone structure. Sammi's shoulder-length blond hair was dripping wet. She had it slicked back and tucked behind her ears. Thanks to the flash and her vibrant pale complexion, her face popped out against the dark background as she gazed at the camera with a sizzling wide-eyed, open-lipped stare, going for the all-alluring "come-hither" feel.

Despite being a bathing suit photo, Sammi's striking, stormy blue eyes really stole the show, and her fans weren't hesitant to call attention to them.

"Your magnificent eyes are outta this world!" Complimented one user.

A second follower added, "Those eyes! Sammi Hanratty is pure magic!"

While her followers clearly obsessed over her eyes, there were other aspects of the photo they really seemed to enjoy as well.

"This is GORGEOUS. You look so powerful!" a third follower penned in the comments.

The comments section also included many declaring their love for her and those expressing how overwhelmed they are by her beauty.

The seductive selfie looked to be a hit among her followers as it accumulated more than 13,000 likes and nearly 175 comments in the 48 hours since she posted it to her profile.

The Girl on Shameless That No One Liked

Despite referring to herself as the girl no one liked in Shameless, she did have some fans of the Showtime series pop up in the comments section of her sexy snap as well.

"Can I just say you are an amazing actress and such an inspiration And I loved you in Shameless," one fan gushed.

The millennial bombshell actress has been on screen for most of her life, though she is recognized most often for her time spent in the role of Carl's wife Kassidi on Shameless.

As those who are current with the series know, it was a little unclear as to what happened to Kassidi. She was completely obsessed with Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) and extremely controlling of him. Reminding the fan base of Monica Gallagher (Carl's mother), the character wasn't a huge hit among viewers at home.

Season 8 came to a close with fans assuming one of Carl's cadets murdered Kassidi after she camped outside of the fencing at the military school and refused to leave.

Since Sammi's character exited the show, Carl moved on with Kelly Keefe. As Shameless fans saw in last week's episode, Carl has now ended up in a bit of a love triangle as he's currently interested in his co-worker, Anne.

While Sammi is no longer a member of the cast, new episodes of Shameless can be watched every Sunday night only on Showtime. Older episodes, including those with Sammi's character, can be streamed via Netflix.