Ayesha Curry Shares Adorable Photo Of Her Gigantic 17-Month-Old Son: 'We Birthed A Viking'

Ayesha's 17-month old son, Cannon, is adorable -- even if his size does resemble that of a Viking.

The Food Network host and wife of basketball star Steph Curry opened up about her gigantic toddler during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, sharing some adorable pictures and some very vivid descriptions of his enormous size.

"He's a Viking. We birthed a Viking," Ayesha joked of the couple's youngest child, as reported by OK! Magazine.

The restaurant owner shared that Cannon was actually one of the smallest of their three children when he was born, weighing in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces. But he grew very quickly from there, and now fits into his 4-year-old sister's clothes.

Ayesha burst out laughing as Ellen showed some pictures of the couple's older kids, 4-year-old Ryan and 7-year-old Riley, trying to hold their giant brother.

"He looks like he's 10 years old!" Ellen joked.

As OK! Magazine noted, Cannon's size has already created a bit of a stir online. She shared a picture of him in the pool back in July, sharing with fans that he had already eclipsed 30 pounds. That led to some critical comments from fans who suggested that she put him on a diet, or better control his food portions.

Ayesha wasn't having it.

"Excuse you? No. Just no," she shot back at the critical commenter. Ayesha later removed the photo.

While she may be defensive of her brood, Ayesha has grown used to seeing her kids in the spotlight. Riley famously made an appearance with her father in a post-game press conference during the 2017 NBA Playoffs, sitting on her dad's lap and climbing under the table. She later waved to reporters and told her father to "be quiet" as he spoke to NBA reporters.

At that time, Ayesha praised Steph for being so involved in his daughter's life.

"I feel that the biggest thing you can do, as a parent, is to engage," she shared in an essay for Time. "You can never be too busy for your child."

During her appearance on Ellen this week, Ayesha said that Steph has had even more time to spend with their kids as of late, recovering from a broken hand. Steph underwent a second surgery last week, spending time at home as he recovered. Ayesha said that while Steph is anxious to get back onto the court, he's relishing the time he has at home with the kids -- including their little Viking.