Abigail Ratchford Gets Seductive In Cutout Bodysuit: 'Fallen Angel'

Model Abigail Ratchford shared her latest sultry Instagram photo on Friday, December 13, wearing a sparkly cutout onesie with dark angel wings that left little to the imagination.

The sun-soaked Instagram picture featured the 27-year-old model leaning against a palm tree in Miami clad in a skimpy, sequined metallic bathing suit that sparkled in the sunlight. The onesie had deep cutouts on the sides, which showed off her tanned stomach and sculpted abs.

The high-waisted, string ensemble rested high on her hips, displaying her sun-kissed thighs. It tied at the neck in a halter, her shapely bust almost spilling out of the deeply-cut v-neck. Her cleavage came together in a perfect y-shape. She wore black, feathered angel wings around her arms and thigh-high sheer, black stockings.

Her hand rested on her hip and arched back, with her fingers fanning out across her stomach. She wore her long nails coffin-shaped and painted a bright white, which stood out against her golden skin. She also had a ring on her finger that featured a long, diamond-encrusted bauble.

Abigail looked down in the photo, allowing her to flaunt her bronze-colored eyeshadow. Her eyes were lined with silver and her lashes were rich and voluminous. Her full lips were painted a light pink that appeared carnation in the shadows. Her cheeks were dusted with bronzer and rouge. Her licorice-colored hair was parted in the middle and a few stray strands hung down in front of her face, slightly past her shoulders.

Abigail's nine million Instagram followers loved the photo and rushed to the comments section to express their admiration for the beauty. As of press time, the risqué image garnered close to 500 comments and was liked over 30,000 times.

"You are truly beautiful," one fan commented, who apparently went through the model's entire Instagram. "Thousands of great pictures."

"No way this beautiful angel is in Miami," said another user, adding a heart-eye emoji. "No wonder it got hotter outside."

"You have the best body of Instagram," a third follower wrote.

"Love you and love your style love," admired a fourth fan, adding a black heart.

Many fans simply let the emoji do the talking, filling Abigail's comments section with heart, fire, and heart-eye emoji.

Prior to the model's "Fallen Angel" photo, she most recently shared a picture of herself on the app posing in sheer, black lingerie. In that image, Abigail wore an alluring bra and panty set that gathered more than 132,000 likes from her followers.