Cara Maria Sorbello Admits She 'Was Not Myself' During 'The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2'

Season 34 of The Challenge saw its finale aired Wednesday, and Team U.K. took home the victory of War of the Worlds 2. Cara Maria Sorbello was one of the four remaining members on Team U.S. when Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett and Ashley Mitchell were purged after a puzzle competition before the final leg of the relay. After taking the loss, most of Team U.S. got on social media and talked about the final or their time on War of the Worlds 2 as a whole. Cara hopped on Instagram well before the finale to talk about her alliance members of the season, and how she "was not myself" during Season 34.

Cara had been slammed on Twitter all season by viewers for acting like a different person than in previous seasons of The Challenge. She's now admitting that she agrees, sort of, in a lengthy post where she spilled her guts on the events of the season.

"And truth be told, I was not myself this season. Despite my ups and downs, my girls had my back. They didn't judge me or push me away. They kept me smiling. They kept me loved. I will never forget that. So while you may only see one side, know that WE who LIVED IT experienced something else entirely. At least we know our story. Without every little piece of this crazy machine, we wouldn't be here in the end. And for everything you girls did, I will always be loyal and thankful to you. Nothing but respect."
Cara also applauded the group of women that supported her all season, which included Kam, Ashley, Kayleigh Morris, Dee Ngyuen and Natalie "Ninja" Duran. She admitted that she had never had such a supportive group around her on any season of The Challenge before, adding that she wanted to make it to the final and win more for her girls than for herself.

The veteran also gave nods to rookies Esther Falana and Idris Virgo. According to Cara, if it wasn't for Esther and Idris putting their foot down day one, she would have faced Ninja in an elimination that would have broken down her alliance, which subsequently would have given the other side of the house the numbers to take control of the game.

Since the game concluded, Cara has shared one photo to her Instagram. It appears to be a throwback in which she donned a black bra and underwear while a snake wrapped around her body.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 reunion begins Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.