Kim Kardashian Opens Up About The Life-Threatening Births Of North And Saint West In New Video

Kim Kardashian has revealed just how much she went through to deliver her oldest kids, North and Saint West. In a new clip on her shapewear company's YouTube channel, Kim shared that both deliveries had life-threatening consequences for herself and her kids.

According to the video, when Kim went into labor with North, she developed pre-eclampsia, which causes a pregnant woman's organs to shut down and can't be remedied unless the baby is born. This meant that North was born when Kim was about 35 weeks pregnant. Kim's oldest daughter weighed only four pounds when she was born.

But Kim's life was still in danger after the birth because she had placenta accreta, which means that her placenta wouldn't come out after the labor. Instead, it grew inside of her uterus, a worrying diagnosis for any woman who has just had a baby.

"That is what women die from in childbirth," she added.

Kim went on to share that the harrowing experience didn't dissuade her from having another child. She froze her eggs and when she was ready, her doctors implanted an embryo into her womb so she could have Saint. However, her labor was just as difficult. The reality TV star/cosmetics mogul revealed that she had to have five surgeries to repair what the pregnancy did to her body.

Kim explained that even after two traumatic births, she still wanted to use the two embryos that she had left but the doctors refused to implant them.

"I asked my doctors, 'Can I do it one more time?' And they were like, 'We won't even put an embryo in you, that would be like, malpractice,'" she said.

"And I opted to have two different surrogates to use the last two embryos we had."
Despite the trauma of her first two deliveries, Kim said that she has no regrets.
"I would have gone through the same pain and back for the result of having my babies -- it was all worth it,"
At the end of the video, Kim shared that SKIMS had made a charitable donation to The Bail Project, an organization that supports people unfairly impacted by the bail system by offering free bail and other services. In explaining her choice, Kim stressed that family is important to her so it troubles her that some people can't be with their loved ones during the holidays because they've been unjustly separated due to bail.