'World's Sexiest DJ' Nata Lee Flaunts Bikini Bod With Jeans Pulled Down To Her Feet

The "World's Sexiest DJ," Nata Lee, was spotted on photographer Alexander Mavrin's Instagram page flaunting her bikini bod in a black lingerie set and jeans pulled down to her feet.

The stunner's ensemble included a bra with mesh accents on the chest and a pair of thong bottoms. She wore her hair down in dramatic curls that were parted to the side -- a departure from her usual hairstyle, as she typically wears her hair in waves. Her makeup looked natural, with a hint of eyeshadow and glossy lipstick. Most notably, she seemed to be sporting a deep tan, even though the photo was taken where it is cold -- Warsaw, Poland.

Nata sat on a wheeled wooden bench with a natural finish and metal legs. She leaned on her left arm, while raising her right to her face. She popped her right knee and denim could be seen clinging to her feet. The photo seemed to focus on her figure rather than anything else, as she kept things simple with no visible accessories. Her toned midriff was on full display, along with her slender legs.

The model glanced at the camera with her lips parted, exuding sultry vibes.

The backdrop was otherwise basic, with a light gray wall and dark gray flooring.

The post proved popular, racking up over 27,000 likes. Fans had lots of nice compliments for the stunner and photographer in the comments section.

"You look always sooo smart, sexy and very cute," gushed an admirer.

"Mavrin is that man! What a beauty!" exclaimed a follower.

"Such a gorgeous place! Lodz is also a wonderful place," noted a third fan.

"Good choice! everything is better than Putinland, unfortunately..." a fourth Instagram user wrote.

The captions seemed to insinuate that the duo are in Poland for the foreseeable future. However, it's not uncommon for Nata and Alexander to travel to international locations throughout the year for photoshoots. Recent geotags have included Paris and Phuket, Thailand.

This is not the first time Nata has given her followers a glimpse of her in lingerie. Several days ago, she was spotted in a photo where she rocked a thong. For that photo, she stood up in front of a mirror and had on a black, long-sleeved crop top. The model crossed her right leg in front and glanced at her reflection with sunglasses pushed down the bridge of her nose. Her booty was the main focus, with her large seahorse tattoo clearly visible in the shot. She brushed her hair behind her shoulders.