Brunette Bombshell Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa Sizzles In Soaking Wet Yellow Bikini

In might be cold in some parts of the world, but model Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa heated up Instagram with a collection of photos that showed her looking smoking hot in a soaking wet bikini.

In her update, the beauty was standing outside in a yellow crochet bikini. The top featured classic triangle shaped cups, which put plenty of her cleavage on display. String bottoms were pulled high on her waist, showing of her hourglass shape. The sexy two-piece also featured tassels on the top and bottom that gave the ensemble a chic look.

The photos showed Jailyne from the front. In the caption, she explained that she had mosquito bites on her backside, which might have been why she did not give her followers a look at her booty.

The stunner might not have included photos of her backside, but that did not mean the snaps she did share weren't hot. In fact, she looked stunning in them.

One photo captured Jailyne from the midcalf up. With one knee slightly bent, she showed off the curve of her hip. She played with her hair with one hand as she looked down.

The remaining shots showed Jailyne from an angle taken slightly below her waistline. In one picture, she posed in a way that emphasized her hips, chiseled abs, and toned thighs. She gave the camera a serious look as she held her hand in her hair.

Another picture showed a closer shot of the beauty. With beads of water on her skin, she looked smoking hot as she looked off to the side. The angle of the photo gave her followers a peek of underboob as she stood close to whomever snapped the photo.

Jailyne wore a large pair of aviator sunglasses. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, and she wore a pink color on her lips.

Some of her fans couldn't help but crack jokes about the mosquito bites.

"I never thought I'd be jealous of mosquitos," joked one fan.

"Damn I wish I could have been one of those mosquitoes," a second follower said.

"I dont blame those mosquitos," quipped a third admirer.

Other fans loved seeing her in the bright number.

"Beauty and perfection in this picture," wrote a fourth admirer.

The brunette bombshell likes to keep her followers guessing and models a variety outfits that include skimpy dresses and lingerie. She recently looked stunning in a strappy body harness.