Ryan Reynolds Makes Surprising Revelation About Name Of His Third Child With Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, welcomed their third daughter over two months ago, and the Hollywood couple has remained pretty tight-lipped about their new arrival. However, Ryan finally spoke about the latest addition to his family during a Thursday appearance on Today.

Many fans of the Deadpool star are dying to know the little girl's name. However, Ryan stated that she doesn't have one when he was asked how he and Blake picked her moniker.

"Uh, we haven't yet," Ryan said.

However, the notoriously funny guy went on to crack a few jokes about his daughter's supposedly nonexistent moniker, so it's possible that he was just kidding.

"All of the letters in her name are silent," Reynolds quipped. "I want to give her something to push against in life."

During the interview, Ryan also joked that he and Blake are doing their part "to wipe men off the face of the earth" by having so many girls.

Ryan and Blake surprised fans when they revealed that they had chosen a conventional yet unconventional name for their first daughter in 2014. They decided on a moniker that's more commonly found in the boy's section of baby name books: James. According to Marie Claire, the little girl was named after Ryan's father. He was battling Parkinson's disease when his granddaughter was born, and he sadly passed away a few months after her arrival.

Ryan and Blake's second daughter, Inez, made her big debut in 2016. Ryan had to clear up some confusion about her name, informing everyone who was saying it as Ines with an "s" that they were pronouncing it incorrectly.

Ryan and Blake didn't reveal James and Inez's monikers until long after they were born, so it may still be quite some time before they share baby No. 3's name with their fans. Some parents like to wait and see what their children's personalities are like before they pick a name, so this may be what the couple is doing. It's also possible that they simply can't decide on one, or they may be choosing to keep it private for a while.

One name that fans can strike off the list of possibilities is Summersquash Meadowlark. During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Ryan used this an example of a bad celebrity baby name when he was defending James' unique moniker.

Picking a name might be a challenging task for Ryan and Blake, but picking a spouse's nose is easy. Blake proved this when she shared a hilarious photo on Instagram to mark her husband's 43rd birthday. In the snapshot, the actress posed with a finger stuck up Ryan's nose. She used the caption to let the world know that she "picked a good one."