Amanda Bynes Looked 'Dazed And Confused' After Leaving Sober Living Facility, Report Claims

Amanda Bynes was looking "dazed and confused" in a public appearance just days after she left a sober living facility, a new report claimed.

The troubled actress recently left a sober living center where she was staying in the months after finishing rehab, Radar Online reported this week. It was not entirely clear why she left or if the exit had been planned, but the report claimed that she was "fleeing" the facility and that those close to Amanda were worried that she could soon fall back into drugs and alcohol.

The outlet reported today that Amanda was seen smoking a cigarette as she made her way to court for an appearance. She wore a baggy blue shirt and beige pants, with her pink hair pulled back in a knot.

"In the snaps, Bynes, 33, looks dazed and confused, but is seen hugging and chatting with a group of elegantly-dressed people in a secluded park," the report noted, publishing a series of snaps of the actress.

Amanda has struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues in recent years. In March, she checked herself into rehab after what Radar Online reported to be a "mental breakdown." She left weeks later. Since then, she had been staying in a sober living center.

As The Blast reported, Amanda's current situation appeared dire. The outlet noted that she had dropped out of school, where she was taking additional courses after graduating with an associate's degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Amanda also stopped complying with a conservatorship placed on her by a court. Sources told the outlet that they were not sure where Amanda was living after leaving the living facility. The report noted the center had strict guidelines for curfew and drug testing, and it was not clear if Amanda was trying to escape some of these restrictions.

"We're told the Bynes family is worried Bynes is 'backsliding' and could be back abusing drugs," the outlet noted. "Her parents want to make sure they can get her help before something terrible happens."

The report added that Amanda's family tried to get her to return to the facility, but she refused to accept their help.

There had been some recent reports indicating that Amanda was considering a return to show business. As The Inquisitr reported, she was considerating joining Dancing With The Stars but ultimately passed because she was hoping to come back in a movie or television role.