Netflix Christmas Movie Implies Jesus Was Gay, Draws Ire Of Viewers Who Sign Petition Saying It's Offensive

A Netflix Christmas movie that implies that Jesus was gay has caused about a million irate viewers to demand that the streaming service pull the film, the New York Daily News reports.

The First Temptation Of Christ, in Portuguese but available with English subtitles in the U.S., comes from Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos, which translates to "backdoor" in English. The movie is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek spoof of some aspect of Jesus' life. Even the title is itself a spoof, as it references The Last Temptation Of Christ, the controversial 1998 Martin Scorsese movie that depicts Jesus as imagining himself in sexual activities.

The comedy spoof depicts an adult Jesus, joined by his new friend, Orlando, going to Mary and Joseph's house for a surprise 30th birthday party. From there, things descend into a combination of silliness and debauchery, according to LGBTQ Nation. For example, Orlando, who refers to Jesus as "Jee," plays a parody of "Jingle Bells" on an electronic keyboard. Mary smokes marijuana. God, who brags that he "wiped out the dinosaurs with a fart," seductively enters the scene and reveals that he, not Joseph, is actually Jesus' father, forcing Jesus to decide whether or not to live happily ever after with Orlando, or fulfill his duty and die for the sins of the world.

In Brazil, the comedy short is drawing intense outrage.

"Horrible! Disappointed with Netflix and Porta dos Fundos!!! Now it's on to Amazon Prime!!!" wrote one angered user.

Another even suggested that the film is a violation of Brazilian law, which forbids "the practice of discrimination and prejudice based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, or national origin."

A Brazilian politician, pastor, and congressman from São Paulo, Marco Feliciano, also weighed in, calling on churches and "good people" to "put an end" to the film.

A petition to have the film pulled from Netflix has been set up, and as of this writing, over one million people have signed it.

In addition to offending some Christians, it appears that the movie may not go over particularly well with the gay community either. One reviewer writes that the film's portrayal of gay men plays to offensive LGBTQ stereotypes.

This is not the first time that Porta dos Fundos has made an interesting portrayal of Jesus in a Christmas special. 2018's The Last Hangover depicts Jesus and his disciples hungover from a drunken last supper. Jesus is depicted as sadistic, homicidal, and perpetually drunk.