Anna Nystrom Bares Her Booty While Camping In Sweden

Kim Smith

Swedish bombshell Anna Nystrom gave her Instagram followers something to get excited about when she shared a photo in which bared her bottom while camping.

For the snap, the beauty was in a somewhat different setting than what her followers are used to seeing her in — out in the woods. Anna stood beside an gray, dome camping tent surrounded by trees and small shrubs. In front of her stretched two lengths of orange cord. Sunlight streamed through the tops of trees off to the side of the image, making it look like she was in the perfect place to spend time away from it all.

Anna looked as though she might have just come out of the tent, as the photo showed her from behind. She wore a white sweatshirt and a pair of thong bikinis. She also donned a pair of sneakers.

For the photo, the stunner stood with one foot in front of the other, and one knee slight bent, putting her pert derrière and toned legs on display. With one hand around her waist and her other hand near her face, she turned and gave the camera a smile.

Anna wore her hair down in loose waves and parted on the side. Because the photo was from so far away, it was impossible to tell if she was wearing any makeup.

Her fans loved seeing her in the natural setting. Many left smiley face emoji with heart-shaped eyes, but others had more to say about the shot.

"Gorgeous picture landscape very nice you are so beautiful," one admirer said.

"If camping look like this with you in the woods sign me up," joked a second follower.

"That's a really nice tent! BTW You look great as always," quipped a third fan.

"I've been camping for years and never had a sight like that," a fourth admirer joked.

Anna certainly is a sight for sore eyes with her natural beauty and fabulous figure. She seems to enjoy sharing a variety of photos with her 8.5 million followers. Most of her shots show her looking incredible in all kinds of cute outfits.

She recently sent her fans into overdrive when she posed in a black leather skirt with a thigh-high slit along with a top that had a plunging neckline. One of her more popular updates in recent weeks showed her looking smoking hot as she bared her bottom in a thong bikini while standing in water up to her ankles.