‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly & Sonny Butt Heads Over Secrets & Heartache

Craig SjodinABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital is set to cover a lot of ground, and viewers will be seeing Sonny and Carly Corinthos together. Both of them have been under quite a bit of stress lately, and it looks as if this will lead to a rather intense interaction during the December 13 show.

As viewers know, Sonny has been struggling to cope with how much his father Mike Corbin’s mental acuity has deteriorated. Sonny is hoping to find a pathway to help his father, and he is resistant to accepting where things are headed.

Carly has been at General Hospital nearly nonstop, standing by her mother’s side and waiting for news on her brother Lucas Jones. During Thursday’s show, it was revealed that Lucas had made some forward progress. However, he is still in a coma, and the family was told that the next 24 hours would be critical.

On top of all of that, Carly has a big secret with Jasper Jax that she has been covering. She knows that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and back in Port Charles, staying at Jax’s place. Carly and Jax have been scrambling to hide this from Sonny, but she’s about to find herself scrambling again during Friday’s show.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Carly and Sonny will end up together at home at some point during Friday’s show. Unfortunately, something prompts some anger from Sonny, and he will accuse his wife of lying to him. In fact, he will allege that Carly and Jax have been lying to him for some time now.

While Carly and Jax have been lying to Sonny, it seems highly unlikely that Sonny has figured out exactly what the lie is. He may think he has uncovered something amiss about the story that Jax has a mystery girlfriend or Jax’s reasoning for not letting Josslyn move in right now.

In the preview, Carly looks apprehensive as Sonny makes this accusation. Will she slip and admit the truth about Nikolas to her husband? She knows that at some point, Nik’s presence in Port Charles will be revealed. She also knows that Sonny will not be happy about this, and he’ll be furious if he learns she knew and didn’t tell him.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps seem to suggest that this secret isn’t emerging yet, though. Sonny will be trying to deflect, which sounds like it means that Carly may try to talk to Sonny about Mike, and he’ll try to change the topic.

Friday’s episode also brings some sort of interaction involving Carly and Ava, and General Hospital spoilers note that something Ava does or says will spark Carly’s curiosity. At this point, it sounds as if this chaos revolving around Nik will continue at least through Christmas, but Jax has made it clear he wants some sort of resolution by New Year’s.

When will Sonny learn the truth about the secret Carly is hiding and how will he react? Additional General Hospital spoilers hinting at the twists and turns ahead should emerge soon, and fans are anxious to learn more.