‘Biggest Loser’ Winner Danni Allen Lost 121 Lbs [Before And After]

Danni Allen is 121 lbs lighter and $250,000 richer after the 14th season of The Biggest Loser.

Allen beat out Jeff Nichols and Jackson Carter for the $250,000 grand prize. More importantly, she shed 121 pounds, nearly half of her original body weight, and now has a healthy and fit body.

Allen, 26, said: “I feel amazing. No one can take this away from me. I’ve worked so hard, and at the end of the day … look at me!”

Allen may have won The Biggest Loser but she didn’t drop the most weight. The show determines the winner based on the percentage of weight lost and since Allen lost 46.9% of her original body weight she was crowned the winner.

If the show just used total weight loss, Nichols would have claimed the title with his 181 pound weight loss. Carter also lost a tremendous amount of weight during the show, shedding 138 pounds, or 42.1% of his weight, during The Biggest Loser.

Nichols said: “For the first time in a long time, I am proud (of myself).”

Here’s a video of Danni Allen’s winning moment on The Biggest Loser.

Allen may have won the contest but she isn’t the only one who should be proud of her weight loss. Here’s a before and after gallery of some of the contestants on this year’s show.

Did you watch the show this year? Are you a fan of Danni Allen? Well, you should get used to seeing a lot of her. Allen will be appearing on various talk shows throughout the week.