Emma Watson Shares 'Well-Stocked' Handbag In New 'British Vogue' Video

In the latest episode of "In The Bag" by British Vogue, Emma Watson shared what was in her incredibly stuffed handbag with the world. The 29-year-old British star apparently does not pack light, carrying around a tremendous load, as seen in the video.

The actress showed off the items in her bag piece by piece. She first grabbed a scarf, which the actress claimed she brings all the time as she "always" gets "freezing cold."

The next items were her two phones -- one for personal and one for work. The actress said her phones were often powered off as a strategy to deal with her stressful life, much to the annoyance of others'. The Little Women star also had a leather hair scrunchie, tampons, and a pack of Pop Rock candy.

Emma then grabbed a little purse that contained all her vitamins. She claimed that her mother bought the little pouch for her as a gift. The next item was a current read by Toni Morrison. The actress also shared that she carries a Five-Minute journal where she jots down three amazing things that happen each day.

The Harry Potter star proceeded with Thank You cards and a hot water bottle. She said she brings that peculiar item whenever she travels on airplanes, noting that it's the "best."

Emma then showed a series of necessities for an actress on-the-go. An organic, vegan-friendly deodorant, followed by a pack of Nutella snacks, and a glass straw, which the actress noted may be "better" than metal straws.

The next things in the bag were another set of essentials such as a make-up bag, reusable make-up remover pads, a set of keys with a whistle, rose water spray, and sunglasses.

The last things were a bit unusual but deemed as "necessary" by the actress. Muscle rub was one, followed by a "tooth mouse," and sunscreen. Emma told viewers that sun protection cream is very important in L.A. or even in the U.K.

The video was uploaded on British Vogue's YouTube channel on December 12. It has garnered over 904,500 views so far, and that number is still continuing to grow. Fans of the actress were quick to comment on the latest episode.

"This bag is just like Hermione's bag. I think this is also magical," a viewer wrote.

Another fan suggested that Emma should start a "podcast" so "her voice could be heard all the time."

"I love that she looks at her own stuff as if they're presents," wrote a third admirer.

A clip of the video was also posted on the publication's Instagram, which has received over 147,000 playbacks and 172 comments.