Contortionist Rybka Twins Rock Pink Sports Bras And Leggings For Video With 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller

Treva Bowdoin

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller helped Australian contortionist twins Teagan and Samantha Rybka complete a YouTube challenge by directing their fast-paced photo shoot on the Santa Monica Pier.

On Thursday, Teagan Rybka took to Instagram to share one of the many snapshots that was taken during their visit to the popular tourist destination on the coast of California. Abby, Teagan, and Sam had teamed up with famous photographer Jordan Matter for a fun YouTube challenge. Teagan and Sam were tasked with showing off their acrobatic skills in various locations on the Santa Monica Pier, while Jordan tried to take as many photos of them as he could in 10 minutes. Abby directed the flexible 23-year-old sisters by telling them how to pose for each picture.

In the photo that Teagan uploaded to her Instagram page, she and Sam were pictured wearing matching hot pink sports bras and leggings. The twins posed on the pier in front of a turquoise metal railing, which almost matched the color of the gorgeous ocean in the background. Teagan bent over backward and grabbed her ankles with her hands, and she bore all of her sister's weight. Sam had her chin resting in the center of Teagan's rib cage, and her neck followed the curve of Teagan's bent body. Sam grasped her sister's thighs with her hands, and she pressed her chest up against's Teagan's lower stomach. Sam had her back arched at dramatic angle, and her legs were extended up over her head.

In the video that Teagan asked her followers 1.1 million Instagram followers to go watch, Abby Lee followed the twins and Jordan as he frantically ran around on the Santa Monica Pier scouting for ideal photo locations like the one above. Abby Lee occasionally had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the group because she was wheelchair bound; the Dance Moms star has struggled to regain her mobility after undergoing spinal surgery. However, it didn't take the assertive dance instructor long to take control of the 10-minute photo challenge.

Abby pushed back against many of Jordan's suggestions, including his idea to have the Rybka twins pose in a trash can.

"Look at these two girls! They are not trash," Abby said. "I can tell you a few girls that are."

Abby told Jordan to quit rushing the girls while they were posing in precarious positions, which included the twin handstands they did on a bench. She also kept reminding the photographer that the Rybka twins needed to rest their bodies between poses, and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy insulting Jordan; she poked fun at him for being out of breath, having bad breath, and sweating profusely. You can check out the video below.