‘Metro: Last Light’ ‘Salvation’ Trailer Hits

'Metro Last Light' gets 'Salvation' trailer

Metro: Last Light just got a new trailer titled “Salvation.”

Deep Silver and 4A Games have released a new trailer for the shooter Metro: Last Light, showing mankind’s reckoning. The game trailer follows the plot and mankind’s futile attempts to make a better world.

The trailer starts with a small voyage through what appears to be an abandoned sewer filled with technological junk, including signs for the game’s developers. A door with the words “Metro: Last Light” opens slowly to darkness.

We then see what seems to be a military street fort with pikes and sandbags, and people lined up behind it.

A voice-over begins in a Russian accent, “In this scattered and cursed world, we wait for a brighter day to come.”

We see what appears to be a subterranean soup kitchen and a handle-operated train station. Gulags appear to be guarded by men in military garb. A man in said uniform is being helped along by someone in what seems to be rags and a cheap mask. A woman and her two children sit together by a tunnel entrance.

The voice-over continues, “But when time is running out, we seem to forget everything we have learned.”

We then see a man hung from something overhead as another is being forced to kneel at the rough suggestion of a man with a gun and flashlight behind him, as the man kicks him over the edge. A group of military types are gathered near a man begging for his life, “No! Please!” The pleading man gets shot in the chest uncaringly. Metro: Last Light seems to center around freedom fighters in the wake of a totalitarian government.

The Russian voice-over keeps going, “A quest for dominance,” as we see what looks like a Nazi-style gathering under neatly-arranged red flags, “and the beleaguered greed of a few rule our destiny. Do we not listen to the voices of the dead?”

The rest of the trailer is below.

What do you think of the “Salvation” trailer for Metro: Last Light?