Florida School Bus Evacuated Because Of Too Much Axe Body Spray

A middle school student used too much axe body spray and caused their school bus to be evacuated.

A school bus pulls up to a bus stop.
Mihai Vlasceanu / Pexels

A middle school student used too much axe body spray and caused their school bus to be evacuated.

A middle school student from Florida recently learned the hard way that there is such a thing as too much Axe body spray. On Monday afternoon, a bus carrying students from Parrish, Florida, pulled over for a pretty bizarre reason. The students were complaining of a noxious smell that turned out to simply be too much cologne, according to Today.

As comical as this situation may seem, it was no laughing matter at the time. Students were complaining of physical ailments due to the scent. Out of fear that the smell was really something toxic, the bus driver alerted dispatch who then got in contact with emergency personnel. Parrish Fire District Division Chief Mike Williamson then got on the bus to determine the source of the smell. It didn’t take long before he found the suspected culprit.

“Once I got down the line, I was able to determine it. Before I could even tell (one student) what I was looking for, I made a motion like I was spraying, and he handed me an empty bottle of the black Axe Body Spray. I could smell it all over him,” Chief Williamson said.

Even when questioned by the fire department, the students on the bus refused to reveal the name of the student that actually sprayed the Axe, nor what their reason was for going through the entire bottle during the trip home. Williamson did say that there is a popular prank going on with kids that involves spraying one another with this particular body spray. Thus, the fire department had been aware of this trend prior to this particular incident.

A truck full of Axe body spray exploded on an interstate highway. None were injured, reportedly pic.twitter.com/VYVPJiR164

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) September 3, 2018

“We had heard reports from other community members that it’s somehow a thing with kids spraying it all over each other to smell nice or prank each other. They must have watched a lot of episodes of ‘Band of Brothers’ because they would not say who did it.”

The fire department was able to determine with certainty that there was no actual toxic substance on the bus and though there were children complaining of respiratory distress, no one was in need of medical care. The fire department went on to emphasize that even though this specific incident was not actually a genuine threat, they are glad that school officials took it seriously.

This is not the first time that Axe body spray has posed a threat while in transit, as The Inquisitr previously reported. In 2018, a truck carrying this particular cologne exploded, causing a Texas highway to be entirely shutdown.