Blond Bombshell Gabby Epstein And Her Friends Dress Up Like Sexy Playboy Bunnies For A Photoshoot

Gabby Epstein attends an event
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Drop-dead gorgeous model Gabby Epstein and two of her friends, social media influencer Madison Louch and model Shelby Bay, dressed up as traditional Playboy bunnies for a new photo shoot with photographer Brendan North.

Each girl wore a trademark black leotard, sexy fishnet stockings, white gloves, and a mask with black bunny ears. The three women were modeling outside of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Gabby is the bunny on the left of the photo pretending to direct traffic and blowing a whistle. Madison is the one in back. She is standing up in an old-school Porsche. Shelby is the bunny holding the stop sign on the right side of the picture.

All three models wore red lipstick and straightened their hair to create an understated glamorous look.

Gabby says they eventually “got kicked out by security” in her photo caption.

Gabby’s fans are loving her update. They’ve showered the gorgeous blonde and her friends with tons of praise in the comments section. Thanks to Gabby’s 2.3 million followers, her photo already has more than 100 comments and 12,400 likes. It went live two hours ago, so those numbers are sure to go up.

“[S]exiest society in town,” commented one fan.

“Ms Epstein you are beautiful absolutely stunning,” said a second admirer.

“Wow gab, those hips are sexy as hell!!!” praised a third person.

“Definitely youre all a bunch of extreme hotties to me! Kisses!!” exclaimed a fourth fan.

Brendan shared the photos and advertised prints for sale on his Instagram. In the photo caption, he also discussed his inspiration for the shoot.

“Playboy bunnies and Beverly Hills are synonymous with one another. A town of glamorous lifestyles and beautiful people, the bunnies are right at home. This image is an exploration of what it might look like if Hugh Hefner’s vision was to permeate the rest of the 90210 society,” wrote Brendan.

Under Brendan’s post, Gabby commented, “Yesssssss.” She also added heart-eyes, praise hands, and praying emoji.

Shelby shared an additional photo from the shoot on her own Instagram page. In Shelby’s behind-the-scenes photo, Gabby unveils her pretty face by lifting up her mask. Shelby’s Instagram update also shows all three girls from head-to-toe so fans can get a better visual of their outfits.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported that Gabby had shared a photograph flaunting her bare behind in a green thong bikini. Her Playboy bunny outfit is far more modest by comparison.