Cardi B Flaunts Neck Piercing In New Instagram Video

Cardi B posted an Instagram video on Thursday, December 12, and her clavicle piercing was the focal point of the clip.

In the selfie video, Cardi's neck was eye-level with the camera. As she moved her phone around, her neck piercing glittered in the light. The diamond stud was at the base of her neck, directly in the middle of her clavicles. Each side of the chain of her bolo tie-esque silver evil-eye necklace met just below the shiny stud, so the dermal piercing really popped.

The dainty diamond stud appeared to match exactly with Cardi's nose piercing, the two sparkling studs aligning almost perfectly.

In addition to the body jewelry, the "Money Moves" rapper seemed to be wearing a wig with long, jet-black hair and blunt bangs that concealed her eyebrows. At one point, she brushed her hair with her hand, showing off her stiletto-shaped nails, which were lacquered with a mint-green hue.

Since the short video was filmed from the chest up, her fans couldn't see Cardi's outfit. However, it appeared that she was wearing a low-cut top with a black and yellow strap that was visible when her hair moved.

Note: The Instagram caption below contains slight NSFW language.

Her makeup palette featured champagne shades, as her eyes were dusted with a soft gold that sparkled when Cardi blinked her eyes. Her eyelashes were dark and thick and fanned out at the bottom. Her lids were painted with inky black eyeliner that swooped out into a cat eye. Cardi's lips were brushed with a sexy nude gloss. At one point in the video, she rolled her eyes, which showed off the bottom of her feathery, luscious lashes.

In the clip, Cardi moved her head from right to left, posing at different angles so her 55.7 million followers got an almost 365-degree look at her makeup. At various points in the video, Cardi stuck out her tongue, opened her eyes wide, and seemed to rap slightly, though the sound was muted.

The video reached more than 2.1 million views as of the time of this writing, and fans flocked to her Instagram comments to share their thoughts on her look, leaving a trail of heart-eye emoji.

In the 8,000-plus comments, users couldn't help but love the rapper's style.

"Just like... gorgeous all over," one fan wrote, leaving a red rose emoji.

"You fine fine," another said.

"Wing on fleek," one user chimed in, adding a flame emoji next to their comment.