Salma Hayek Went Topless In Pink Feathers & Purple Velvet Skirt Ensemble, Voluptuous Beauty Was Not ‘Tickled’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

On Thursday, Salma Hayek showed up on Instagram in a topless photo that proved this actress possesses enviable and extremely sexy curves. The “Frida” thespian rocked pink feathers and purple velvet skirt ensemble in a three-part post that did not include a shirt of any sort.

As are all her fashionable posts, Salma’s most recent outdoor shoot that appeared on social media was done in good taste as she stood in the first shot to model for the camera. In lieu of any kind of top, the beautiful Latina celebrity crossed her arms as she held onto the feathers she had gathered. This move made her photo allowable by Instagram standards.

Apart from her bare top, the 53-year-old stunner’s skirt was also a very becoming garment. Its waistband showed off Salma’s tiny waist while the velvet material used to make the long skirt featured a luxurious imprint of swirls.

As Salma posed on the side of a beat-up road, she wore her raven-colored locks down and parted in the middle. The tresses hung below the shoulder in the front and down her back. She also rocked a full face of makeup, including darkened and sculpted brows, mascara, eyeliner, smoky shadow, and dark red lips.

Her pout was very slightly open for the first picture while for the second, she showed off a full-on smile, teeth and all. The reason she was smiling was that she was sitting on the road in that second image. Whether or not this position was done on purpose is not known, but by posing this way, Salma’s bare side and back were showing, and so was the tan line from her bathing suit.

Her face was alive with laughter with her dimples shining through. One of her shapely legs and her tan shoe with the cutout toe area were also exposed.

In the third of the three images, Salma still sat on the ground, but she wasn’t smiling. Instead, she stared off to the side as she remained on the ground. She seemed to be sitting cross-legged under her full skirt as she took that position.

Upon posting this most recent Instagram pack. the consummate leading lady captioned her topless update with the thankful message that “nobody came along and tickled” her while she was performing for the camera.

Salma’s racy Instagram post was popular among her 12.9 million followers. More than 204,000 fans liked the social media update while 1,100-plus admirers commented on the post.

“This is my favorite shoot ever, your smile is the most beautiful thing ever,” remarked one fan, who added a red lip print emoji.

“I should’ve been there I would’ve tickled you for sure!!!” exclaimed another social media user, who added a crying-laughing face emoji.

“Wow,” stated a third fan.