Hoda Kotb Introduces Monica Ruiz To Ryan Reynolds As Controversial ‘Sexist’ Peloton Ad Is Discussed On ‘Today’

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On Thursday morning, Hoda Kotb interviewed Monica Ruiz on Today regarding the ongoing controversy about a Peloton holiday ad for which she starred. During the segment, Hoda also introduced the rising star to Ryan Reynolds.

While the Peloton spot — which shows Ruiz receiving and using an exercise bike from her husband — continues to cause controversy among social media outlets, Ryan’s company awarded Ruiz another spot, this one for a brand of gin. His firm’s advertisement did a take on her previous controversy as she quickly downed a glass of the strong booze.

Some say the Peloton spot that shows Ruiz taking on the exercise bike from her spouse is “sexist,” while others have no idea what the fuss is all about. To get to the bottom of this, Hoda repeatedly asked a reluctant Ruiz to appear on Today to try to untangle the situation.

Ruiz finally gave in and talked to Hoda in her first interview on live television. She said she had so many calls about the “sexist” ad from some friends, while others could not understand what all the hoopla was about concerning the spot.

The actress felt that perhaps her very expressive eyebrows were the reason for the heated discussion. The woman who played the wife in the widely panned commercial said her brows have a mind of their own and so they probably showed a reaction that made the whole deal appear as if she was not so sure her husband’s gift was in good taste.

“Honestly, I think it was my face,” Ruiz said.

Whether or not the ad was sexist is still up for debate, with more and more people taking on the discussion. Saturday Night Live even parodied the subject on the weekend show.

Meanwhile, all of this dialogue about the ad has become Ruiz’s “moment,” as Hoda — who often shares her Today experiences on social media — expressed. The actress and her overactive eyebrows may well be booked for more acting gigs, which is certainly an upside to all the rigamarole.

Within an hour of being shared, Hoda’s Instagram update about the Peloton ad and its star — who was introduced to Ryan Reynold by Hoda during the segment — received a lot of attention. From among the broadcast journalist’s 1.5 million fans, the post earned more than 4,900 likes and a few dozen comments.

Some talked about the ad as well as the controversy.

“This is the out of shape wife that needed to exercise and make her husband happy and proud? Hilarious,” remarked one fan.

“Ride that wave, Monica!” said another follower, who added a red heart emoji.

“I’m over here like I wish my husband would buy me a peloton! Nice to hear her point of view!” stated a third Instagram follower.

Others simply acknowledged the Today show interview between Hoda Kotb and Monica Ruiz.

“Great personality, enjoyed the segment and Ryan Reynolds isn’t bad either,” stated a follower.

A gift like no other. pic.twitter.com/AZJCoMy8vw

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