Kelly Clarkson Spills Details About Her Drunken Karaoke Date With Reba McEntire On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

In May, Kelly Clarkson performed at the Sands Cares INSPIRE 2019 charity concert benefiting local nonprofit organizations in Las Vegas
David Becker / Getty Images

As is her friendly way when relating to another person, Kelly Clarkson wasn’t shy about telling Candace Cameron Bure about her karaoke date with Reba McEntire. When the Fuller House star was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the pair chatted about Cameron’s embarrassing karaoke performance, but she was a bit hesitant about sharing all the details, as reported by The Inquisitr.

To compare her experience of pursuing the same activity, Kelly piped up during the discussion between the two about her own unique karaoke experience.

The host of her namesake show posted a video on Instagram showing the interaction between herself and Candace on Thursday afternoon. Her latest social media update contained a clip as Kelly remembered her own rather embarrassing time during a karaoke date with Reba McEntire.

When the two stars got up on stage to perform, nonparticipants were quick to recognize Reba, as would be expected of nearly every audience given she is a household name.

Surprisingly, Kelly was not quite so recognizable. Eventually, she was identified — well sort of.

“She looks like Kelly Clarkson….it was really awesome.”

Then, Kelly admitted that she and Reba had been sure to fuel themselves for the singing event.

“We had had some drinks,” she joked, indicating that perhaps they drank a few too many.

The first American Idol was extremely animated while she told her story. Her audience laughed as she expressed her anecdote and so did Candace, who likely felt a bit better about her own experience.

The Kelly Clarkson Show’s Instagram followers reacted to Kelly’s update within less than 45 minutes of going live. More than 1,900 fans offered the veteran singing star likes, while some admirers took to the comments section. Some simply posted emoji, while others wrote about how they felt about the host’s karaoke performance with Reba McEntire as well as about Kelly and her Fuller House star guest.

“Oh. My. God. I would DIE if Kelly & Reba karaoke broke out in front of me!!!!” exclaimed one fan, who added a shocked face emoji, a party in a cup emoji, a smiley face emoji, and a purple heart emoji.

“Kelly Clarkson and DJ Tanner together. My life is made,” remarked a second admirer.

“I mean, there is NO MISTAKING @kellyclarkson She’s undeniable!” stated a third follower.

“For anybody trying to bring more happiness into the world as best as you can, even when it’s hard, know that you are a beautiful person,” said a fourth Instagram user, who added a red heart to her comment.