‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Sizzles In Sexy Pantsuit

Yanet Garcia poses for a selfie.
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia sent temperatures soaring on Thursday when she flaunted her curves in a gorgeous pantsuit for her latest Instagram update.

In the snap, Yanet was on the set of Hoy, the television show on which she delivers the weather. She stood on a staircase that was adorned with Christmas garland decorated with large bows and poinsettias. On a step in front of her was a decorative snowman.

The brunette bombshell’s pantsuit was made of a floral fabric that included colors of gold, yellow, and brown. The number was sleeveless and featured flared legs. It also fit the stunner’s body like a glove, showing off her hourglass shape.

The beauty stood with her back facing the camera. With one foot on a step higher than the other, she struck a pose that made her derrière the focal point of the snap. The outfit’s tight fit accentuated the curves of her booty and thighs as well as the small of her back. The pose also gave her followers a peek at the side of her cleavage. While the outfit didn’t show much of her skin, what little bit of her shoulder and back that could be seen looked smooth and flawless.

Yanet looked stunning as she looked over her bare shoulder and gave the camera a sultry look. Her hair was parted on the side and hung down her back in loose waves. Her long bangs fell over part of her face, creating a sexy vibe as she glanced back. Her makeup included smoky eyeshadow and a matte color on her lush lips.

In the caption, Yanet spoke about confidence being beautiful.

Many of her fans said they thought she was both.

“You definitely earned that confidence, your progress shows that,” said one admirer.

“And the most beautiful woman is you,” a second fan wrote.

“Beauty and perfection in this picture,” commented a third fan.

“And you wear it very well!” a fourth follower chimed in.

There isn’t much that Yanet doesn’t wear well. She looks good in just about everything she puts on her body. The beauty likes to show off her figure in an array of outfits that range from sexy dresses to revealing lingerie. While she does like show off skin from time to time, Thursday’s update showed that she doesn’t have to be semi-nude to be gorgeous. She recently looked stunning in a jumpsuit that also covered up most of her body.