Pauline Tantot Puts On Lime Green Thong Bikini Bottoms & Rasta Shirt

Mizuki Hisaka

Pauline Tantot shared a new Instagram post with her fans today. There were three pictures in the set, and they all showed her rocking a light lime green thong bikini and a rasta shirt.

The blond was seen posing outdoors, as she leaned against a white structure. She stood with her back facing the camera, which put her booty on full display. The light-colored bikini popped against her tanned skin.

Pauline wore an oversized T-shirt on top. It featured rasta colors in diagonal stripes. She pulled the shirt up over her derriere, seeming to be enjoying the Jamaican vibes. She also wore a pair of Chucks in a bright green color to complete her outfit.

The model wore her hair down and brushed over her left shoulder in the first two shots. They were similar snaps, showing Pauline glancing back at the camera over her right shoulder. The first photo showed her raising her right hand. She placed her fingers by her mouth in the second image. In both, she gave the camera a sultry while showing off her light lavender manicure.

The final photo offered a different angle. In it, the model turned her back to the camera and looked straight ahead. She popped her right knee into the air. Her hair flowed down her back.

The images were taken on a sunny day with puffy clouds in the sky. A tropical beach scene, including beachgoers, was visible in the background.

"Why you're so beautiful? You're the global beauty prototype," declared an admirer.

"God you are so incredibly beautiful!!" gushed a follower.

"Love the green chucks," noted a fan.

But not everyone was on board.

"No smile no happy...ever," complained a fourth Instagram user, who was referring to the captions, where Pauline quoted a Bob Marley song. The social media user is hardly the first to make this complaint, as the model is known for her sultry and serious demeanor on her Instagram page.

Recently, Pauline shared another update from Jamaica. In it, she rocked a light lavender bikini. It was so small that it put her underboob on full display. For the snap, she faced the camera straight-on and tugged at a strand of hair with her right hand. The bikini bottoms she wore had dual straps. In the background was seen a palm tree and a hut.