Victoria Beckham Shows Off Toned Bod In Sports Bra & Leggings

Victoria Beckham wears a white suit.
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Victoria Beckham shared a new Instagram update today in which she showed off her toned bod at a gym.

The Spice Girls alum was seen posing in an all-white outfit, which consisted of a bra and leggings. The bra had elastic straps, while the leggings were high-waisted. It featured mesh accents on her upper thighs and hugged her every curve. She completed her look with matching sneakers and a black baseball hat. Victoria pulled her hair back into a messy bun and accessorized with earrings.

The first photo of the set showed her posing for a selfie on the ground. She propped herself up with her left hand while taking the phone with the other. She bent her knees and propped up one leg. The angles meant that her eyes were obscured, although she could be seen smiling with her lips closed. Her tanned body stood out against the white outfit, and she also sported a deep red manicure.

The second photo showed her sitting up with her legs together. She faced the mirror straight-on this time, and rested her left arm across her legs. Her face was obscured again by the phone.

In both photos, it was possible to see her toned body, with her midriff, arms and legs looking especially trim.

The designer was seen posing inside a high-ceilinged gym. The wall behind her was made up of thin, white panels. Meanwhile, colorful ribbons could be seen tied to posts at the top of the ceiling.

Fans raved about Victoria in the comments section.

“Love the high waisted pants. What brand are they? Looking amazing as always,” expressed an admirer.

“That’s my favorite human,” declared a fan.

“You look great very tanned,” wrote a follower.

Plus, one fan had a special message.

“Remember in 2008 on the SG tour when you would be lowered under the stage and you had to change on your hands and knees before being pulled back on the trolly to backstage. I was the one under the stages that you allowed to help you when your wrap got stuck and you could t get it off. You’re welcome,” they said.

Previously, the bombshell shared another update where she showed off her flexibility in workout gear. That time, she rocked a red sports bra and leggings, as she propped up her right knee and grabbed her other foot while stretching. She topped things off with a black baseball cap.