December 12, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski Inked A NSFW Message For Harvey Weinstein On Her Skin

Emily Ratajkowski had something to say to Harvey Weinstein, and she wanted to make sure the world got the message. The model and actress appeared on the red carpet for a movie premiere, where she had inked a message on her left arm that read "f**k Harvey."

According to Fox News, Ratajkowski made an appearance at Adam Sander's Uncut Gems premier in a tight black dress that featured a cutout under her chest and another cutout for her left arm. From some angles, the outfit looked like your standard red carpet ensemble — until she raised her left arm. That's when it became evident that she had a message to address the recent news that Weinstein had reached a tentative settlement with dozens of his alleged victims.

News broke on Wednesday that Weinstein's companies would pay up to $25 million to settle with over 30 accusers who claim that he had sexually assaulted them. The deal wouldn't require him to pay any of his personal money nor would he be forced to admit any wrongdoing in the case.

Ratajkowski didn't just take her message to the red carpet. She also used her popular social media channels to promote her message. Along with a picture of her on the red carpet with her arm raised to reveal her inked message, she also posted on her Twitter account.

"Today Harvey Weinstein and his former studio made a $25 million deal with his victims. Weinstein, accused of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to rape, won't have to admit wrongdoing or pay his own money. #nojusticenopeace," Ratajkowski wrote.

She posted the same caption and image on her Instagram account, and then added another post, telling her nearly 25 million followers how she felt about the situation. The image, which showed her in the red carpet dress with her arm raised to reveal the message, garnered over 1 million likes in the hours after she posted it.

She followed that with a message on her Instagram Live feed with the caption "I'm about to riot" and an image of the New York Time's story about the breaking news.

Ratajkowski wasn't alone. Many celebrities and critics expressed frustration with the potential settlement, saying that Weinstein was getting away with years of criminal activity. One lawyer representing an alleged victim said that they believed, however, that it was the best they could do for their clients given the situation.

"I don't think there's a markedly better deal to be made," the lawyer said. "We have really, truly done the best we can under the circumstances, and it's important for other victims to know this, come forward and be able to get the best level of compensation we were able to get."

Weinstein isn't entirely out of hot water, however. The prosecutors in his criminal trial asked that his bail be raised to $5 billion after the producer violated the conditions of his bail, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

While petitioning the judge to raise the mogul's bail from $1 million, one prosecutor argued that Weinstein had attempted to tamper with his home monitor to make it unable to track his movements.

"None of these violations were accidental," she argued.