Elizabeth Warren Hit Joe Biden & Pete Buttigieg In New Hampshire Speech

Senator Elizabeth Warren took swings at two of her top Democratic 2020 rivals during a speech in New Hampshire today, according to excerpts of her remarks obtained by The New York Times.

Although Warren did not outwardly name former Vice President Joe Biden and current South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, she did reportedly call the two out in a thinly-veiled attack.

"Unlike some candidates for the Democratic nomination, I'm not counting on Republican politicians having an epiphany and suddenly supporting the kinds of tax increases on the rich or big business accountability they have opposed under Democratic presidents for a generation," the excerpts state.

That line of attack seemed to squarely point at Biden, who in recent weeks has been courting Republican voters, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Warren gave the speech today at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, at a time when her polling numbers have plateaued in some states and dropped in others. In the speech, Warren also threw some sharp elbows at Buttigieg, noting that he offered major donors "regular phone calls and special access" if they donate to his "National Investors Circle" -- the name he has given his top contributors.

"When a candidate brags about how beholden he feels to a group of wealthy investors, our democracy is in serious trouble," the excerpt states.

By name, Warren struck at Michael Bloomberg for his influx of money into politics, saying that it's "no secret" that she isn't a fan of the former New York City mayor for using his billionaire status to self-fund his campaign and attempt to "buy" the Democratic nomination.

Notably missing from the comments was fellow progressive Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has led most of the polling in the state. Both Warren and Sanders have had a similar message on the ills of high-dollar donations and have opted instead for grassroots campaigns funded by high-volume, small contributions from supporters.

In a WBUR poll released Wednesday, Biden and Buttigieg are in a dead tie in New Hampshire. When residents were asked who they would vote for if the New Hampshire primary was held today, 18 percent of likely Democratic voters said Buttigieg, while 17 percent said Biden. Sanders received 15 percent and Warren received 12 percent. None of the other candidates broke out of single digits.

However, according to the RealClearPolitics average of recent polling in New Hampshire, Sanders leads the state with 19 percent, followed by Buttigieg with 17.7. Biden is in third place with 14.3 percent. Warren is one point behind at 13.3 percent.