‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap: Kyle Asks For What He Wants

Michael Mealor of the CBS series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
Johnny Vy / CBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, December 12 brings Kyle giving Jack an ultimatum at Jabot. Plus, Victor visits Summer before he drops off some information on Amanda with Devon, and Mariah gives Lola a warning about Kyle’s ex.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Jack (Peter Bergman) met at Society. Kyle told his dad that he wanted to be Co-CEO at the company. Jack balked, and Kyle threatened to walk, which made Jack agree to Kyle’s plan. Lola (Sasha Calle) and Kyle celebrated briefly. At the same time, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Theo (Tyler Johnson) bumped into each other at the restaurant, and Theo watched Kyle kiss Lola. Before that, Mariah told Lola about Theo breaking up with Summer (Hunter King). After Kyle left, Theo and Lola talked, and she asked Theo if his breakup with Summer was over Summer and Kyle. Theo denied it, and they spoke about their plans.

Meanwhile, Devon (Bryton James) and Mariah had a discussion about Amanda (Mishael Morgan) and how Elena (Brytni Sarpy) made peace with the lawyer. Mariah advised Devon to be careful. Then, at Crimson Lights, Elena and Nate (Sean Dominic) talked, and she mentioned that she’d called a truce with Amanda, and Nate was thrilled. Elena expressed her concerns that Devon will never truly get over Hilary (Mishael Morgan), and Nate understood. He reminded Elena that Devon loves her, though, and Elena decided that everything will be fine.

Jack makes big changes at Jabot today on #YR. pic.twitter.com/VmcqsMDnze

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At the Ranch, Victor (Eric Braeden) received a file about Amanda Sinclair, which he thought was interesting. He ended up going to Jabot to see Summer, and she was still unhappy about Victor faking his death. They agreed to try to move forward. Victor left, and Kyle showed up. He and Summer toasted to the big promotion with champagne. Kyle admitted that Summer inspired him with how she’s always been willing to turn down Victor’s numerous offers. Then, Summer mentioned that she caught Theo rifling through some papers on Jack’s desk and admitted that she and Theo broke up. Kyle toasted to that news as well.

Kyle went home, and Lola met him in a short robe with champagne. He let his wife know that he and Summer already shared some champagne, and they moved onto other celebratory activities.

Victor stopped by Devon’s, and he gave Devon the file on Amanda. The data revealed that Amanda hired somebody to erase her from the internet around the time that Colin (Tristan Rogers) started his scam to steal Katherine’s fortune. Victor vowed to help Devon get to the bottom of the whole situation.