Christian Group Calls For Changes To Hallmark Channel After Network Airs Commercial Showing Same-Sex Kiss

A Christian group known as "One Million Moms" is asking for its members to sign a petition calling for The Hallmark Channel to stop airing commercials with LGBTQ content, after a commercial aired that showed a kiss between two women, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

Wedding-planning and registry website Zola aired a commercial on the channel that caught the attention of the group, which is itself a division of the American Family Association. The commercial depicts two brides sharing a kiss after their wedding ceremony.

That sparked outrage among viewers, according to the testimonials on the One Million Moms website.

"During the commercial break, there was a commercial from Zola with two women lip locking! Please Hallmark … we are fed up with having the gay agenda crammed down our throats!" one outraged user wrote.

"Why would you show a lesbian wedding commercial on the Hallmark Channel? Hallmark movies are family friendly, and you ruined it with the commercial," wrote another.

The women's group claimed that Hallmark Channel content had been -- before the commercial anyway -- "usually safe for family viewing," but said that is now no longer the case. The group also noted that Hallmark's own content is not LGBTQ-oriented. They said they did not believe Hallmark was planning to begin airing shows with those themes, either.

The group is asking its members to add their names to a petition calling on Hallmark to no longer air commercials -- or show any programming with -- LGBTQ content. The group said such things are contrary to "Christian and conservative values that are important to your primary audience," and further promised that the channel would lose viewers if it did not adhere to the group's requests.

As of this writing, 21,000 people have signed the petition.

A spokesperson for Zola said that the company is merely trying to use its advertising to reach the same types of people that make up its customer base, whether the couples are same-sex or hetero.

"They come from all types of backgrounds, and the goal of this campaign was to show Zola's here to help any couple who is choosing to celebrate their love," Zola's chief marketing officer, Mike Chi, explained.

As for One Million Moms, the Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed its parent group, the American Family Association, a hate group for its advocacy against same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.

As of this writing, The Hallmark Channel has not commented on this issue.