‘Fuller House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure Twerks In ‘Embarrassing’ Video Shared By Kelly Clarkson

'Karaoke Candace' had an 'unexpected audience.'

Candace Cameron Bure appears on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'
Adam Christopher / NBC Universal

'Karaoke Candace' had an 'unexpected audience.'

Candace Cameron Bure talked about the Fuller House wrap party, which she turned into a “rap” party, in a preview clip posted on YouTube for today’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. She and Kelly also had a minor disagreement over what constitutes a twerk.

During her interview with Cameron, Kelly got the backstory behind candid video footage of the Fuller House “She-Wolf Pack,” which includes Candace and her co-stars, Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin, performing karaoke at the wrap party for their Netflix series. The event took place at the Lucky Strike Live bowling alley in Los Angeles, and the trio of actresses had a blast revisiting the ’90s by singing and dancing along to New Kids on the Block songs. They also sang the Fuller House theme song.

“I would totally sing along,” Kelly says. “I know the whole thing.”

Candace confessed that she actually doesn’t know all the lyrics to her show’s opening tune, but she didn’t seem to have an issue rapping along to the Sir Mix-a-Lot song “Baby Got Back” in the footage that Kelly shared on her talk show. Candace performed the popular tune by herself, and she got really into her performance by shaking her tail feather as she sang. Her moves had Kelly cracking up, and the talk show host said that she couldn’t believe that Candace was “full-on twerking.” However, Candace said that she was doing no such thing.

“Not twerking, Kelly,” Candace said. “This mama doesn’t twerk.”

“I saw some version of twerk,” Kelly insisted.

“It was just a little booty shake,” Candace argued.

Kelly eventually ended the minor argument over Candace’s dancing by reassuring her that, whatever she was doing, it looked “nice.”

Candace revealed that she wasn’t expecting to have the audience that she did when she unleashed “Karaoke Candace.” The actress said it’s “embarrassing” when she gets on stage to perform karaoke because it’s not something that she does very often, so she was a bit mortified when Jodie Sweetin informed her that her “Baby Got Back” performance was “being broadcast to all of Hollywood and Highland” the next morning. Candace pointed out Hollywood and Highland is the California equivalent of Times Square in New York City.

“So my karaoke version of ‘Baby Got Back’ was all ⁠ — for everyone to see,” Candace said as she covered her face with her hands.

However, her co-star, Andrea Barber, got the She-Wolf Pack’s performances of the New Kids on the Block song “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and the Fuller House theme song in front of even more eyeballs by sharing a video of the wrap party on her YouTube page.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Fuller House fans have a triple wedding to look forward to before the series’ final season ends, so maybe viewers will get to see Candace bust out a few of her dance moves at a mega wedding reception.

You can watch Candace talk about her karaoke performance below.