WWE News: John Morrison Explains Why He Decided To Return To Company

John Morrison poses in the ring during a WWE photo shoot.

Although he has yet to be assigned to a brand, John Morrison is officially a WWE superstar again after close to a decade away, as he signed a multi-year contract with the company earlier this month. Although his brief initial statement merely hinted at excitement at a chance to compete in the ring against some of the world’s most talented wrestlers, the veteran wrestler went into greater detail in a recent interview, explaining why he left WWE in 2011 and why he ultimately chose to come back this year.

Appearing on Wednesday morning’s edition of the WWE Network show The Bump, Morrison talked about various topics, including his departure from the company earlier this decade. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., he said the original plan was to simply “take a year off” from the ring. While the former Intercontinental Champion added that he wanted to “do [his] own thing” and try his hand at acting while away from WWE, he admitted that time went by so fast that he ended up being gone from the promotion for eight years.

Morrison then said that he had long planned to return to WWE, revealing that he didn’t want to wait too long due to the long-term contracts he had to sign with rival companies.

“I think I was just having so much fun doing what I was doing and I always meant to come back here, and it was at this point when I realized, man, I better get my a** back to WWE before 10 years goes by because time is flying.”

Talking about what fans can expect from him now that he’s back with the company where he first became famous, Morrison teased some surprises, claiming that he’s “leveled up” his skills and that he plans to apply what he learned while making movies. As he explained, these include the integration of parkour and martial arts movements with what he does as a wrestler, and his desire to “get it right” for the films he appeared in.

“But I kept getting ideas for wrestling,” he added. “Wrestling was my first love and it’s what I’m constantly obsessed with.”

At the moment, it’s unclear when Morrison will make his in-ring return for WWE. However, Bleacher Report opined that the 40-year-old still has the potential to be a “major asset” as a wrestler, especially since he built up a lot of credibility through the championships he won in other promotions. Most recently, Morrison competed for Impact Wrestling, going by the ring name Johnny Impact and holding the company’s World Championship from October 2018 to April of this year, per Fightful.