DreamDoll Rocks A Fendi Bikini & Fur In The Snow

DreamDoll wears a colorful outfit.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

DreamDoll shared a series of five new photos on Instagram today, and they were all taken in the snow. The stunner didn’t shy away from flaunting her figure in a bikini, but paired it with some fur or faux fur pieces that helped keep her warm. The bikini that she wore featured the Fendi logo throughout. It was dark brown with silver straps and fit her snugly. It left the rapper’s cleavage and toned body on full display. She also wore her hair down, as she opted for a platinum blond look. The locks were mostly straight with a soft wave at the bottom, and the hair reached past her belly button.

The first two photos of the set were similar and showed DreamDoll posing in front of a tree. The tree was dusted with snow, and the rapper stood facing the camera straight-on. She wore a fur hat, along with a matching fur jacket that fell down her shoulders. Her lips were glossy, and her long lashes popped in the shot. She also wore a large bedazzled necklace that read, “Dream.”

The third photo was taken from a lower vantage point, as the stunner was seen standing with the jacket falling down her hands. The last two images were of her sitting in two different locations. In one photo, she sat on a pile of rocks, framed with tree leaves and brush. In another, she sat on the snow-covered ground, with snowflakes falling from the sky. This image also revealed her fur-accented boots, while her bright pink manicure offered a pop of color.

Fans seemed to love the updates, and left plenty of positive messages in the comments section.


“Yasss come thru with the #fendiprintson,” raved a follower.

“Well I wanna stay sleep FOREVAAAAA @dreamdoll THATS A DREAM I DONT WANNA MISS,” exclaimed a fan.

“BRRRRRRR it’s cold in here. There must be Dream Doll in the atmosphere,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the rapper shared another bikini pic last month. The ensemble was anything but traditional, as her swimsuit was made entirely of money. The look was part of the music video for the “Thot Box” remix. The base of the bikini top and bottoms were silver, while hundred dollar bills were glued together to create the look. She wore her hair down in a half-up, half-down style. It had tight curls with light highlights.