Jojo Babie Puts On A Raunchy Lingerie Set In Newest Instagram Pic

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie shared a brand new lingerie pic with her Instagram fans today. The bottoms that she wore were raunchy and flirty, as they featured a cutout and lace-up accents on the back. They were anything but conventional, with two side straps that kept her hips bare. The piece laced up with a red ribbon, which she tied into a bow, and also featured a high-cut design that left the bottom of her derriere uncovered. Meanwhile, the model wore a black bra, which was hard to see thanks to the angle of the shot. It looked like a little bit of her underboob was showing, with the top having a halter-style cut.

“Your favorite Asian girl,” as she calls herself, wore her hair down in a left part. Her darker roots gave way to blond locks, which fell down her back and reached her waist. She stood with her back angled towards the mirror and held the phone with her left hand for the selfie, her white manicure peeping through. While most of her face was obscured by the phone, it was still possible to see her coy expression as she looked at the screen and popped out her left foot to accentuate her derriere.

Behind the stunner was a rectangular brown panel with gold lettering throughout. Beyond that was a cream-colored door. The tags and captions revealed that the outfit was from Fashion Nova.

Fans shared their compliments for the bombshell in the comments section.

“Reason I got on the gram still the baddest chick I’ve ever seen,” declared an admirer.

“UGH JOJO! Thanks for making my day! My Favorite Asian Girl!” gushed a follower.

“More fun when you post pictures like this!!!#jojorocks,” raved a fan.

“We need to see the front of this outfit,” suggested a fourth Instagram user.

It’s hard to know whether Jojo will end up sharing another photo of this outfit. If the top is anything like the bottoms, it’s likely to be revealing.

Prior to the new post, Jojo shared an update of herself in lingerie, this time opting for a blue teddy that had a classic cut with sheer lace on the midriff. There were floral accents throughout, with the top leaving her cleavage on display. She struck a seductive pose on a bed, and played with her hair with her left hand. The model pouted for the shot and wore pink lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow as she posed with a lime green headboard behind her.