‘The Young And The Restless’ Casting News: Zach Tinker Teases Fenmore Baldwin’s Return

Francis Specker / CBS

The latest casting news for The Young and the Restless reveals that Zach Tinker is bringing Fenmore Baldwin back to Genoa City just in time for Christmas.

This year after kissing Lola (Sasha Calle) on New Year’s Eve to ring in 2019, Fen ended up going on tour with Devon’s (Bryton James) recording company to help teach him a lesson about hard work. He’s been gone, but recently, Adam (Mark Grossman) used pictures of Fen using illegal drugs to blackmail Michael (Christian LeBlanc). When Fen’s mom, Lauren (Tracey Bregman), left town to find her son and get him some help. When she returned, she let Michael know that her son was in rehab.

The Inquisitr previously reported that will return to town in time for the Christmas holidays. Fans are excited to see what happens and learn a bit about what Fen went through during the last several months on tour. Fen actor Zach Tinker recently discussed his long-awaited return with Soap Opera Digest, and he teased a possibly emotional story.

“I love playing complex characters who are going through tough times. I was really touched that Y&R gave me some great material to work with, and I’m super-grateful to [Head Writer] Josh Griffith and the other writers,” Tinker said.

Tinker talked about how he felt a bit nervous when he first walked back on set since he hadn’t been there in a while. However, after a few minutes, he said it felt like coming home since everybody at the CBS Daytime drama is like one big family. The actor also discussed how much he appreciated playing a character who suffers from addiction because it gives that character another layer to draw from for motivation. Tinker hinted that his significant return for the holidays is going to have some drama, which fans will surely appreciate.

“Any time Y&R calls or e-mails me to say they want me back, I’ll be there,” he said.

“It’s an amazing group of people, and I think Fen is a really interesting character. The first episode when Fen is back its a real powerful one, and I hope fans like it because it meant a lot to me to come back.”

Unfortunately for people who are hoping to see Fen back for a while, it looks like the pop singer will end up only being around for a reasonably short story arc. However, it sounds like it will be an exciting story to watch. Expect to see him onscreen during the week of December 23.