Fitness Model Georgina Mazzeo Shows Off Her Booty While Wearing Scandalous Short-Shorts In New Video

Georgina Mazzeo poses for a selfie
Georgina Mazzeo / Instagram

Fitness model Georgina Mazzeo is not shy about showing off her physical assets on her Instagram. On Wednesday night, she shared a brand new video with her fans that shows the stunning brunette modeling a pair of scandalous denim shorts; “scandalous” because they hardly cover up her perky rear end. Georgina’s shorts are so short they ride up her backside and let her booty show from the beneath the hemline. Not only that, but her gorgeous legs are also fully visible thanks to the tininess of her denim cut-offs.

Fans were wagging their tongues in her comments section the instant they saw the video go live. All the effort is so Georgina can entice her 1.7 million followers to try a Bang Energy drink, which is what the model opens in the video. She drank the Birthday Cake Bash flavor.

Beyond the sexy booty shorts, Georgina also wore a green satin spaghetti-strap tank top. It looks like it could be a one-piece bathing suit. Fans were pleased by seeing Georgina’s behind, and many were happy that the model was flaunting her cleavage as well. At several points during the video, she lets the camera get a close-up of her chest.

Palm trees are visible throughout the background of Georgina’s video. The beautiful babe looks all set for the beach as she dances around. It looks like the ravishing brunette is having an incredible day as she skips, twirls, jumps, and runs her fingers through her long dark locks, while beaming the entire time.

At one point, Georgina even pours her energy drink into a coconut as if trying to create a sublime tropical paradise. Eagle-eyed fans might notice that Georgina had the same coconut with her — and even wore the same shorts — in a video she posted earlier this month.

Miami-based model Nina Serebrova commented on Georgina’s photo.

“Mmmmm yummy,” she wrote.

“You mean sunny day with YOU!!!!! DAMN!….. DOUBLE DAMN!!….. Seriously, if you were any hotter I’d need to wear gloves just to hold my phone!!!!! DAMN,” exclaimed one admirer.

“And the drink makes you more gorgeous?” questioned a second user.

“I love BANG they’re tasty,” said a third person.

“Wow looking so beautiful and cute lips lovely,” commented a fourth fan.

Bang Energy isn’t the only product that the fitness model likes to advertise. The Inquisitr recently reported that the brunette posted a new perfume ad on her Instagram for Philipp Plein. In her previous photo, the Venezuelan stunner rocked a glitzy black outfit while facing the camera and holding the product in her hands.