Shay Mitchell Poses In An Adorable Santa-Themed Outfit While Holding Handfuls Of Lindt Chocolate Truffles

Shay Mitchell is beautiful in her latest Instagram photo that she posted on Wednesday evening. The former Pretty Little Liars actress is advertising her partnership with Lindt, the gourmet chocolate company.

Shay wore a short red hooded dress styled like Santa Claus. It zips up the front, and the hemline comes to a halt at her thighs. White fur lines the sleeve cuffs and her hood. It's not clear if the fur is fake or not.

The outfit also has little white puffballs attached to the end of the red-and-white striped hood strings. She's showing just enough thigh to appease some of her admiring followers while remaining family friendly.

No Christmas outfit would be complete without a few adornments. Shay chose chunky gold hoop earrings and four matching gold rings, two on each hand. She also picked out two golden necklaces to complete the look. As for makeup, Shay rocked a gorgeous pink lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer, and foundation.

Her outfit matches perfectly with her Christmas-themed background. Shay is sitting among a pile of Lindt's famous milk chocolate Lindor truffles. They have several varieties of truffle flavors, but Shay is only advertising the milk chocolate variety in this picture.

She is holding a gift box full of the chocolates in the first picture with several more truffle bangs behind her and beneath the massive Christmas tree in the background. In the second photograph that Shay shared, the actress's face is not visible, but there is a close-up of her hands holding a large handful of the Lindor truffles. Her "honey" hand tattoo is evident in the close-up.

"I can't help keeping one (or a hundred) LINDOR truffles for myself," wrote the actress in her photo caption.

Shay posted the advertisement a couple of hours ago, but it has already managed to procure more than 500,000 likes and over 1,100 comments. She has an Instagram following of more than 26.5 million people, so it's not too surprising.

"So cute," actress Elysia Rotaru commented on Shay's photo.

"If someone brought me than many chocolates I think I would marry them," joked one fan.

"Shay is seriously the most beautiful woman EVER," said a second person.

"Don't get a Cavity bb," warned a third user.

Shay's Christmas-themed photo is less revealing than the update she shared yesterday on Instagram. The Inquisitr reported that Shay decided to promote breastfeeding positivity by posting a picture of her daughter, Atlas Noa, breastfeeding from her while she wore a stylish green outfit. Many celebrities expressed their admiration for Shay's bold choice in the comments section.