Model Lorena Rae Shows Off Toned Body While Wearing A Revealing Paisley Bikini

Cindy Ord Getty Images

German model Lorena Rae posted a sexy new photograph of herself wearing a tiny bikini to her Instagram on Wednesday afternoon. The brunette model is exposing far more skin than she’s covering up in the barely there bathing suit.

The gorgeous brunette’s top half is hardly concealed behind two square pieces of paisley cloth. Lorena gave her fans quite an eyeful of her cleavage. The model’s bikini is already lacking in fabric, but it is made even more revealing by its spaghetti string straps.

As for the bottom half of her outfit, somehow, it manages to be almost more scandalous than the top. Her itty-bitty matching paisley bottoms are dangerously close to revealing her private parts. Lorena further tantalized her fans by pulling the straps up above her hips to show the entirety of her slender thighs and equally slim legs.

Between the top and bottom halves of her adorable bikini, fans can see Lorena’s exquisite torso. The model posed her lithe body in an elegant position. She was previously wearing a white button-up shirt as a cover-up, but for the photo, she let it drop and instead merely draped it across her forearms.

She is staring straight at the camera with a bold and confident expression on her features. Lorena is wearing some lipstick, mascara, and foundation. Otherwise, it appears she is sporting a mostly natural look. Her hair is neatly combed straight.

Based on Lorena’s photo caption and geotag, her latest Instagram update was taken at the Soho Beach House in Miami, Florida. Since she wrote “Miami archives” in her caption, it can be assumed this was from a previous vacation.

Lorena’s 1.7 million followers and her many famous model friends were astounded by her beauty in the new snapshot. Many of them filled her comments with emoji varying from heart-eyes to flames. Several were in awe of Lorena’s goddess-like figure and claimed that the model has their dream body or provides them with exercise inspiration.

“The most gorgeous woman,” said one admirer.

“Wow what a babe,” commented a second fan.

“What is it like being perfect,” asked a third person.

This is hardly the first time the German bombshell has posted a sultry bikini photo on social media. Just two days ago, The Inquisitr reported that the model had shared a smoking hot picture of herself basking in the sun while wearing a plunging blue bikini. That photo was also taken at the Soho Beach House.