Late Winter Storm Dumps Snow Across Northeast, Clogs Roads

Late Winter Storm Dumps Snow Across Northeast, Clogs Roads

A late winter storm slammed much of the Northeast on Tuesday, covering roads with snow and leading to delayed schools and congested morning commutes.

The storm started to drop snow and sleet overnight on Monday and into early Tuesday, and, for some areas, the snow will continue through the day on Tuesday. Forecasters predicted as many as 20 inches would fall on the northern parts of New England, with accumulations close to 4-8 inches further to the south.

On Tuesday morning, school districts across New England and into Central New York canceled or delayed school. In Massachusetts, state officials postponed the composition section of its standardized test until Monday to account for these delays.

The late winter storm comes as an inconvenience to people looking forward to spring in a few days and putting away their snow shovels and snow blowers.

But for others the late winter storm was a chance to extend ski season a bit longer into the year.

“Skiers like both of those things: great sunny warm days and lots of snow,” Patrick Brown, communication manager at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, told The Associated Press.

The late winter storm has some more serious side-effects. In Queens, a 27-year-old man was killed when he lost control of his car on a slippery road and slammed into a tree. And in Connecticut, state Department of Transportation officials said two tractor-trailers jackknifed in separate incidents on snowy state highways.

It has already been a difficult month for storms in the Northeast. In early March, the region was hit by Winter Storm Saturn, which traversed almost the entire country to hit along the East Coast. The storm dumped feet of snow on some areas of New England and knocked out power for more than 130,000 Virginia residents.

Winter Storm Saturn also hit areas of New Jersey still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, bringing additional damage and flooding.