‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: ABC Executive Teases Hannah Brown’s Visit With Peter Weber Is ‘More Than A Drive-By’

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Peter Weber’s journey to find love debuts on ABC in just a few weeks and several new The Bachelor spoilers have recently emerged. Fans already know that the most recent The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, pops up during the premiere and now ABC executive Robert Mills is teasing that this is more than just a stunt visit.

Mills recently talked with Juliet Litman on her podcast Bachelor Party and toward the end, he shared a few mild spoilers, according to The Ringer. He promised that Peter’s season will be fantastic and really good. He also said that, apparently, fans will really enjoy seeing Peter’s parents again.

Naturally, the topic of Hannah and her appearance was addressed. As The Bachelor spoilers have previously revealed, Hannah’s two appearances during Peter’s season will both air during the January 6 premiere. She will show up in a limousine on the first night of filming and she will get some one-on-one time with her former beau before one of his early group dates.

Mills admitted that many The Bachelor fans were immediately skeptical when they started to see Hannah in previews for Peter’s season. During the second appearance, the chemistry still seems to be sky-high between the two and the editing suggests that he asks her to join his season.

As the ABC executive explained, fans were wise to be skeptical of what these early previews insinuated. Despite that, Mills insisted that Hannah’s appearance on Peter’s season is more than a simple drive-by to amp up the ratings and buzz among viewers.

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In fact, Mills explained, their encounter ahead of the group date apparently gets quite emotional and he teased that it’s “really good.”

The network executive also referenced Hannah previously noting that when she was a little girl playing with Barbie dolls, Peter was essentially exactly who she envisioned as her future husband. It sounded as if this was a suggestion that perhaps Hannah has not fully put her feelings for Peter entirely behind her.

The Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Hannah will not be seen again during Peter’s season beyond that group date encounter. However, some fans have speculated that the connection between these two might still play a role in his decision-making down the road.

Spoiler king Reality Steve has held off on pinpointing how Peter’s season ends, as he has said he is still working on confirming details. He has said, though, that something unusual happens and that there won’t be a normal ending for Peter.

Could that mean that Peter hesitates to move forward with either of his final two women because he still has feelings for Hannah? Some fans have speculated that could happen, but there are no solid The Bachelor spoilers indicating that’s the case.

Interestingly, Mills suggested that if Tyler Cameron had already been involved with Gigi Hadid at the time of Hannah’s The Bachelorette finale, maybe she would have approached Peter about reuniting. Fans will never know if that would have been the case, but some have certainly wondered about the possibility.

Will fans agree that Hannah’s appearance on Peter’s season of The Bachelor is more than a drive-by once they see it for themselves? Will this have an impact on Peter’s decision-making later in the season? Additional spoilers should emerge soon and everybody can check their relationship out for themselves when the first episode of Peter’s season airs on Monday, January 6.