NFL News: Giants’ Janoris Jenkins Calls Fan A ‘Retard’ On Social Media During Practice

The injured Giants' player chose the middle of practice to attack others on Twitter.

Janoris Jenkins #20 of the New York Giants warms up before the game against the Houston Texans.
Tim Warner / Getty Images

The injured Giants' player chose the middle of practice to attack others on Twitter.

The New York Giants are currently in the midst of one of their worst seasons ever, sitting near the bottom of the NFL in both records and stat categories. Press coverage of the team is bad enough right now, but injured cornerback Janoris Jenkins just made it a lot worse for the entire organization. Jenkins not only tweeted out to a fan during the middle of practice, but he called him an incredibly offensive word in the process.

Jenkins, who is out with an ankle injury, apparently noticed a number of people on Twitter who were going after how he had been playing this season. At 2-11, no one is really doing much of anything when it comes to helping the team elevate their win total.

As Jenkins was promoting his stats, one fan asked why his work wasn’t helping the team pick up more victories. Since he was scrolling through Twitter during the middle of practice, as reported by ESPN, Jenkins fired back at the fan in the worst way imaginable.

“I can only do my job.. retard.”

The fan kind of baited Jenkins with hashtags of #none and #irrelevant added onto the end of his tweet. Still, the disparaging comment was met with a lot of criticism and, as of writing, it is still up — it has not been deleted four hours after being posted on Twitter.

Ryan Grant #11 of the Indianapolis Colts attempts to catch a pass in the game against Janoris Jenkins #20 of the New York Giants.
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Today, Giants head coach Pat Shurmur was asked about Jenkins’ actions during practice. Even though he was not out on the field due to the injury, Shurmur was not thrilled with his cornerback’s decisions, but he kept his comments simple.

“I was just made aware of the tweets. You shouldn’t be tweeting during practice.”

The same fan that was name-called by Jenkins tweeted at the New York Giant again, and the cornerback chose to keep responding.

Cause I’m grown and I speak facts..

— JackRabbit2.0 (@JjenkzLockdown) December 11, 2019

When practice was over, Jenkins was not in the locker room or made available to the media. He was more than talkative before practice, which is when he began tweeting out his states.

Jenkins made it a point to let everyone know he had not given up a touchdown since the third week of the NFL season. However, during the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jenkins allowed wide receiver Mike Evans to find the endzone on three different occasions.

Jenkins is usually quite vocal on social media. He even voiced his displeasure with his role on the team earlier this month. He questioned the work of defensive coordinator James Bettcher and how he was using the cornerback in the Giants’ defense. As of now, there has not been any word on Jenkins being disciplined for attacking the fan or using social media during practice.