December 11, 2019
'This Is A Lie,' FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Says After Donald Trump Claims She Got Restraining Order On Peter Strzok

At a campaign rally Tuesday evening in Hershey, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump made a claim about two former FBI employees that even Trump himself admitted he could not support with any evidence. As quoted by The Daily Beast, Trump said that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page had taken out a restraining order against former agent Peter Strzok, with whom she had been involved in an extramarital relationship.

The Justice Department released text messages between Page and Strzok from 2016 in which the pair appeared to express their alarm that Trump might win the election. Trump has repeatedly mentioned the messages, referring again and again to Page and Strzok as "lovers" and leveling insults at both.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Page claims that the release of the messages violated her privacy. It included a lengthy list of derogatory attacks made publicly against her by Trump. The President has referred to Page as "a dirty cop," "corrupt," "stupid," "pathetic," "a loser," and other similar insults, according to the lawsuit.

Page has recently started publicly responding to Trump. In addition to filing the lawsuit, Page has used her Twitter account to hit back. After Trump made his claim that she had taken out a restraining order against Strzok, Page took to Twitter to reply.

"This is a lie. Nothing like this ever happened," Page wrote.

"I wish we had a president who knew how to act like one. SAD!" Page added.

Even Trump admitted that he had no evidence for the claim about the restraining order. The Daily Beast reported that it was "unclear where, if anywhere, Trump got this."

"I don't know if it's true," Trump said after making the "restraining order" allegation. "The fake news will never report it, but it could be true."

At a Minneapolis rally in October, Trump not only ridiculed the texts between Page and Strzok, as well as their relationship, but he also invented dialog between the two that culminated in Trump seeming to mimic the sounds of an orgasm.

Page had remained publicly silent regarding Trump's attacks on her until earlier this month. At that point, she made the decision to speak publicly against Trump's attacks on her — citing the "orgasm" speech as spurring her to go public, according to the Guardian.

The former FBI lawyer, who is now in private practice, said that Trump's "demeaning fake orgasm" was "the straw that broke the camel's back" in her decision to publicly respond to Trump's attacks. She told The Guardian that becoming the target of Trump's demeaning attacks has been "almost impossible to describe," saying that it feels, "like being punched in the gut."