Tommy Callaway Identified As Runner Who Slapped Reporter Alex Bozarjian On The Bottom During Live Broadcast

Callaway, who says he was 'caught up in the moment,' has been banned from racing.

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Callaway, who says he was 'caught up in the moment,' has been banned from racing.

Tommy Callaway has been identified as the man who allegedly slapped Georgia TV reporter Alex Bozarjian on the bottom on live TV as she was covering a race, CBS News reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bozarjian was covering the annual Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run over the weekend when things took a disturbing turn. She had her back to the crowd of runners, so she couldn’t see what was going on behind her. Most of the athletes waved at the camera or gave friendly gestures. However, one of them smacked Bozarjian on the bottom, then ran off.

The reporter, for her part — though visibly shocked — remained professional while the camera was rolling, laughing it off while simultaneously trying to scan the crowd to look for her assailant.

However, after the incident she let loose on social media.

“To the man who smacked my butt on live TV this morning: You violated, objectified, and embarrassed me. No woman should EVER have to put up with this at work or anywhere!! Do better,” she said.

She has since set her Instagram account to Private, meaning that only people she approves can see her posts and respond to them.

The runner has since been identified as Tommy Callaway, a youth minister and married father of two.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Callaway said that he was “caught up in the moment.”

“There was a misjudge in character and decision-making,” he said.

He also claimed that he believed he had touched her back and didn’t know that he had actually touched her buttocks. He also said that — had he known what he’d done — he’d have turned around to run back to her and apologize, rather than keep on running.

“If I did see her facial reaction, I would have been embarrassed. I’d have felt ashamed, and I would have stopped, turned around and went back and apologized to her,” he said.

As Buzzfeed News reports, Callaway has been banned from competing in any events managed by the Savannah Sports Council.

“We will not tolerate behavior like this at a Savannah Sports Council event,” they said in a statement.

He might also face criminal charges, according to the New York Post. Borzijian has filed a sexual battery report following the incident. A police spokesperson has confirmed that the case is being investigated.

Callaway’s attorney, Joseph Turner, described his client as a “loving family man,” and said that Callaway is “working to correct the situation.”