Hoda Kotb Shares Adorable Family Tree Lighting Video To Instagram

Hoda Kotb shared adorable family tree lighting videos to Instagram. In the clips, her family is next to a small tree and fiance Joel Schiffman hits the switch to light up the holiday decorations.

Hoda is seen seated next to Joel in a series of two videos: one with toddler Hayley Joy on her lap and the other with infant Hope Catherine. Behind them there is a striking sunset as the day winds down as the couple shares precious time with their two adorable children.

The family is seen in a room, ready to light a small Christmas tree up on a shelf. The scene was a smaller scale of Hoda's appearance at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony that happened days earlier in New York City.

On the wall are pictures that were colored in crayon, including one picture of Sesame Street's Elmo. Also in the area are some mylar balloons and a guitar on a shelf.

In the first video, Hoda is seen bouncing Hope on her left knee while both she and Joel count down to the lighting of the small tree. They then both yelled "yea" to the baby's delight.

In the second, Hayley, wearing a Sesame Street T-shirt and a skirt, is also seated on her mother's lap as the couple counts down once again. In the video below, the little girl appears delighted to see what will happen when the little tree's lights go on.

Fans thought that the intimate home videos were the sweetest things they had ever seen and shared their sentiments in the comments section of the post, which was liked over 19,000 times and counting."You are so 'real' Hoda. I adore you," remarked one fan of the everyday events the family partakes in with their children.

"You guys make great parents!" said a second fan.

A third fan commented, "Your family is so precious Hoda Kotb. Merry Christmas!"

Other fans remarked at how big the girls were getting and how happy the couple appears to be since Joel surprised Hoda by proposing to her in late November.

Hoda told her Today Show co-anchors on November 25 that she was engaged, shocking them with the news while debuting her beautiful ring. She later revealed on the morning talk show that when Joel asked her to marry him, she was absolutely floored.

"If someone had said to me when I was a little girl, 'Hey Hoda, guess what your life is going to be like: When you're 49 or 50, you're going to meet the guy you're going to fall in love with, and you're going to have children at 55 and 56,' I would have been like, 'What?' It just shows you, the perfect life for you, and this is for me, is exactly as it comes," she later told People Magazine.