‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Nelle Is Desperate To Get Out Of Pentonville

Nelle is getting antsy waiting for Martin Grey to do his job.

General Hospital star Chloe Lanier.
Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Nelle is getting antsy waiting for Martin Grey to do his job.

General Hospital spoilers for today have Nelle Benson back on screen, and she isn’t happy. In fact, she seems pretty desperate, as seen in the previews. Nelle has been trying to make her way out of Pentonville for weeks now, but nothing has gone her way just yet. It may happen eventually, but for now she is getting more frustrated by the minute.

The last time Nelle was seen, she and her new cellmate Sam learned of Lucas and Brad’s terrible car accident thanks to Chase’s visit. Lucas is Sam’s brother, and he is also one of Wiley’s adopted fathers. Of course, not many actually know that Nelle is really the baby’s mom, not Willow Tait. Today’s episode of General Hospital, she will be making an important phone call, as SheKnows Soaps has teased. It’s expected that she will be calling her new lawyer, Martin Grey, since he is seen in the previews meeting up with Nelle at Pentonville.

Nelle is seen sitting across from her lawyer in her bright orange jumpsuit telling him that she needs to get out of there immediately. There is no doubt that Martin will straight up tell her that he is doing what he can. However, he has been quite busy trying to help Valentin Cassadine steal Helena’s portrait. They were unsuccessful, but he did have a run-in with a masked man carrying a gun, which had him a little shaken. Now, he will be facing Nelle and she can be quite ruthless. She is getting impatient, especially now that Lucas may not make it.

How will Martin handle Nelle today? He is a straightforward kind of guy, but he may be getting in way over his head not only with Nelle but also with Valentin. They are both very demanding and will do anything to get what they want. Martin seems a little taken aback during Nelle’s outburst.

The General Hospital villain seems to be concerned about her son, possibly because she doesn’t want Michael and his family to get their hands on him if anything happens to Lucas. She may even be afraid that Brad will take him and go on the run if he loses Lucas.

Trouble could be ahead for many in Port Charles if Nelle has her way. If she somehow gets out prison, not only will Wiley be in danger, but everyone involved in the baby’s life could also feel the wrath of Nelle Benson.

General Hospital fans are hoping that Michael finally gets his son back in time for Christmas, but that seems like it would be a miracle at this point. If Nelle has anything to do about it, she will be the one reunited with Wiley/Jonah.