Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About Being Rich ‘And’ Famous

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Lisa Vanderpump has always been a real housewife in Beverly Hills — at least, for a long time — but actually being a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member did, she says, change her life dramatically above and beyond just insane riches.

Back when she was just a really rich lady, Lisa Vanderpump had a lot of life perks — but she admits that celebrity is a totally different angle on privilege as she reflects on a coming stint on Dancing With The Stars.

Vanderpump opened up about her newfound fame and the ways it’s changed her life on Nightline recently, talking about how in her late 40s and early 50s, life changed dramatically with her Real Housewives stint.

ABC reports that Vanderpump says she’d “be lying” if she “didn’t say that every celebrity aspect of [living a celebrity life] isn’t beneficial.” She says that as an example, she’d written a book but didn’t have an offer, adding, “it’s the same book I could have written two or three years ago, but nobody would have bought it.”

But Vanderpump faces a new level of “stardom” as she joins the Dancing With The Stars cast, a decision she says she struggled with — the Real Housewives star explains:

“I just thought, ‘Wow, it’s such a challenge … There are moments that I thought, ‘Have I lost my mind?'”

Dancer Gleb Savchencko, who is from Russia, has been selected as Liza Vanderpump’s DWTS partner, and he has some praise as well as hopes and expectations for Vanderpump as they kick off their competition run. Savchencko says:

“She danced 30 years ago and in school, right [but] she has no dance experience. She’s never done the ballroom dancing … It’s a bit challenging for her, but we’re just taking it step-by-step and trying to improve.”

In her interview, Lisa Vanderpump says she’s the “same person” she was “three years ago,” but now there’s “just a plethora of opportunities.”

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