Harry Styles Chews On Cod Sperm To Avoid Answering Cheeky Question About Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2019 in New York City. Kendall Jenner attends the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 24, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.
Dimitrios Kambouris, Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Harry Styles chose to chew on cod sperm over answering a question about Kendall Jenner during last night’s episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden.

In a recurring bit called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” Harry, last night’s guest host, sat with Kendall in front of a table of less-than-appetizing delicacies like thousand-year-old eggnog, salmon smoothies bug trifle, and the aforementioned cod sperm. In a nausea-inducing twist on “Truth or Dare,” Harry and Kendall had to eat one of these foods if they opted not to answer a series of embarrassing questions.

When it was his turn to spill or fill his guts, Kendall asked Harry which of the songs on his last album were about her. As soon as he heard the question, Harry buried his face in his hand.

When he regained his composure, it looked like Harry was about to answer but quickly changed his mind.

“Just don’t look at it,” Kendall said, but the “Sign of the Times” singer quickly informed her that the suggestion wasn’t helpful.

“What are we doing?” he asked the audience, an apparent ploy to stall a little bit more.

After mulling it over for a while longer, he poked his fork into the cod sperm and popped one into his mouth. While he chewed on it, the expression on his face made it pretty clear that he didn’t want to swallow.

“To spit or to swallow, that is the question,” he said before he spat the cod sperm into a nearby bucket.

The clip of the entire comedy bit has attracted over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. In the comments, several people seemed to find it hilarious that Harry refused to answer the question.

“Which songs on your last album were about me? ‘I CHOKED,'” one YouTube user wrote.

But one fan was more focused on the way Harry looked during the segment.

“How does one looks so gorgeous while eating cod sperm? then I remember he’s Harry Styles.”

Kendall didn’t leave the game unscathed. During her next turn, the reality TV star/model was asked to name the world’s most unlikable supermodel. Kendall admitted that she had a name in mind but said she couldn’t reveal it on national TV before taking a swig of salmon smoothie. She’d previously confessed to hating the taste of salmon, and the look on her face confirmed it.

“Watching you drink that made me feel sick,” Harry said.

“Yeah it’s disgusting,” she replied.