Kaley Cuoco Wears Earmuffs To Yoga: ‘I Don’t Care Anymore How I Look’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Former Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco had fans feeling her plight when she took to Instagram to vent about late-night exercise.

The upload was made in the form of an Instagram story, and the 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter star looked casual and relatable after a long day of work.

Across the screen was written “to yoga or not to yoga,” which was the crux of the star’s dilemma.

“I just got home. Basically shot a 15 hour day, and I’m going to yoga — or, I’m trying to convince myself to go to yoga,” she said to the camera.

Kaley was dressed in cozy clothes after her long day. She wore a gray t-shirt with black trim along the crewneck neckline. Underneath was the slightest peek of a black sports bra.

It appeared that Kaley still had her makeup on from her shooting, with heavy black eyeliner that made her eyes pop. Her hair was in a classic topknot, the ultimate sign that she was ready for a night in.

However, what likely caught the most attention from fans was the fact that the blond beauty was wearing a pair of earmuffs, despite being indoors.

“I also got earmuffs, ’cause my ears have been freezing, and I’m a New Yorker now,” Kaley explained about her unusual accessory.

“I just don’t care anymore, how I look, it’s not about cute jackets now, it’s about staying kind of warm,” she added.

Despite the inclement weather and overall exhaustion, Kaley made it to her class. However, it was not without some sacrifice, as she was caught in the downpour that plagued New York City on Tuesday night.

“Went to yoga, got caught in the rain. Ruined my Uggs,” Kaley said in another update.

Her hair was messed up from the weather, and her eye makeup had smeared beneath her eyes. However, Kaley was clearly proud of herself for going and gave herself a halo filter as a result.

“But I went to yoga, and now I’m home. I did it,” she proclaimed.

“Maybe need a little makeup remover,” she joked afterwards.

As mentioned above, Kaley has moved from her home in sunny California to New York for her new television series, The Flight Attendant. She has been sure to take advantage of the city and just recently posted what she called an “obligatory” family photo. As covered by The Inquisitr, it consisted of the actress and her family standing in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.