December 11, 2019
'Get Her Out!' President Trump's Security Team Removed A Protester From Pennsylvania Rally

Donald Trump ordered security to eject a protester from a Pennsylvania rally, then criticized the security guard for being "politically correct" as he was careful not to touch the protester when escorting her out.

As HuffPost reports, a woman made it into Trump's campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, wearing a hat emblazoned with the hashtag #MeToo. She also had a sign bearing the words "Grabbing Power Back" with a silhouette of an extended middle finger on it.

Somehow she managed to make it into an empty area near the stage before the crowd noticed her and started booing and jeering.

It was at this point that Trump ordered the security team to remove the woman, saying, "Get her out!" while making the "out" gesture with his hand.

However, it appears the guard did not eject the woman to Trump's satisfaction. The security member was apparently careful not to touch the woman, instead holding his arms above her and using his body to guide her out, rather than handcuffing her or otherwise putting his hands on her.

All the while, the woman appeared to dance and use her own hand to give the crowd the same message that was expressed on her sign with a silhouette image.

This seemed to not be good enough for Trump, who, according to attendees who posted videos of the event on social media, was calm at first before getting increasingly angrier. As the guard escorted the woman out, Trump accused him of being "politically correct."

"See these guys want to be so politically correct. Get her out. You see that?" he said.

Trump then publicly chastised the security guard for not doing his job well enough.

"I'll tell you, law enforcement's so great. That particular guy wanted to be so politically correct... I don't know who he was. He didn't do the greatest job," Trump said, waving his arms and moaning, mocking the guard.

A Twitter user, @LipstickOnATurd, has identified herself as the protester who got thrown out of the rally. In a series of tweets, she claimed that she still had her sign and that Trump received her message.

There is no concrete proof, however, that this particular Twitter user was the woman in the incident.

The security guard who escorted the protestor out has not been identified, as of this writing. It's unclear whether or not he was a law enforcement official or a member of a private security service contracted with handling security at the rally.